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Track of the day #6

Today I thought I’d share the upcoming 100% silk Innergaze single, but then I felt like having ice-cream. We’ve had some wonderfull weather over here in Paris for now over a week, and life has been mellow, exactly how this present track of the day makes me feel. Aloa is an obscure early 80ies german punk band that cooled down before their first & sole effort even was, taking the earliest D.A.F. formula to the darker realms of dub with a minimal set of equipment (Sequential Circuits Prophet V, Roland TR-606 and percussions). The result is one of the coolest 80ies album (cover art awesomeness included!), sounding like no one else and still setting the aim at the future. I’ve been aching to share the glory of Aloa’s music for the past 3 years, so there it is, cool as ice!

Bertrand Delanowave

Track of the day #5

Wow… OK, sorry, I took Sunday off, shoot me! But thanks for the pressure anyways 😉

This one is a special case. Been tracking without success that piece of wax for quite some time now, but as it turns out it is as mighty rare as it is in high demand. Usually, that doesn’t matter too much as I’m dedicated and patient enough to find it all, but this specific album has so far managed to escape my shelves. Being the Chicago house enthusiast that I am, this belgium record from 1986 always struck a deep chord with me as, even though being closer to an Industrial/New Beat wave of sound, it clearly predates if not anticipate the second Chicago generation (or third), with Dance Mania and Dj Rush. I heard it once in a club and it contributed massively to shape the way I dance.

A side project of à;GRUMH…, Polar Praxis finally finds its way to my turntables thanks to the good folks from OnderStroom Records and their sublime hot-off-the-press re-issue of this classic lost gemm of choon. High time to share the secret!

Bertrand Delanowave

Track of the day #4

I was yesterday reminded that we live around powerful witches who take over our cities at night. I’m still not 100% sure about it, but I got many clues. Then I thought about how the world would fare if it was indeed true, common knowledge and well accepted, and I came to the conclusion that our lives would be like movies, dramatic ones, dangerous ones, but the good thing would be that we’d have a continuous soundtrack, and most probably Ennio Morricone, Bernard Hermann style.
With Il Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, Morricone was at his most experimental, and IMHO his best. Or was he?
with only five albums under their belt the group is still largely overshadowed by his soundtrack work, but Morricone also released a handful of library records, six if I remember correctly and exclude the 10 LP Dimension Sonori series with his mentor Bruno Nicolai, and on a few of those, even if no info on who’s playing is given, you can hear the Gruppo in a softer mode.
Such is the case of this Controfaso LP on the Nicolai helmed Gemelli label, one of the scarcer and finest 70ies library outlet, with an average pressing run of 200-300 copies

This beauty is where the abstract Morricone meets the mainstream Morricone in the most effective fashion, and it is a crime (without punishment) it still remains ignored.
Here’s a small door into it.

Oh, and I urge you to set the video at 480p, the sound is usualy way better, which is critical with this music.

Bertrand Delanowave

05/27/2011 Playlist

Second show in a row with a broken turntable (Aligre FM is poor), which means it was done with one turntable and the welcomed return of my Helpimacop of a co-host and his CDs!!! Yeah… I hate CDs, but in that case I can’t complain.
So here’s a late brunch of Kid Creole influenced dub & codeine party music, abstract guitars, jak, heavenly and hellish drones, hockey bitch anthems, breaks and deep bum shattering grooves, Helter Skelter.

TraxxTo The Beat Bizarre! – 12″ – To The Beat Bizarre! – Lumberjacks In Hell (2011)
Andrew PeklerOn – CD – Cue – Kranky (2007)
AgoriaMark E Simple Version – 12″ – Heart Beating – Infiné (2011)
HeckerSpeculative Solution 1 – CD – Speculative Solution – Editions Mego (2011)
Addison GrooveMinutes Of Funk – 12″ – It’s Got Me – 3024 (2011)
DucktailsPorch Projector – LP – III: Arcade Dynamics – Woodsist (2011)
PollyesterIndian – LP – Earthly Powers – Permanent Vacation (2011)
Jim O’Rourke & Christoph Heemann#1 – CD – Plastic Palace People Vol. 1 – Streamline (2011)
SmackulatorHockey Girl – 12″ – Kicked Toda Curb EP – Bunker Records (2005)
Fovea HexCup Of Joy (Colin Potter remix) – CD – Three Beams – Janet Records (2011)
San SodaCocomo – LP – Immers & Daarentegen – We Play House Recordings (2010)

Track of this beautifull day #3

There haaven’t been that much hip hop that struck us lately, and actualy, when it comes to this, since Lill’ Wayne’s A Millie, I kinda gave up on indie hip hop for the more mainstream kind. It seemed more honnest in a way. That being said, the mainstream hasn’t dellivered either, so hip hop kind of fels like a sick animal that needs to be put to sleep… Huh… However extreme that sounds like, I hope you get the vibe.
Anyhoo, flash forward 2011, this weird new mutant race of an animal that Bullion is delivers one helluvan album in his You Drive Me To Plastic. It sure is instrumental, but it is so joyous and zany that you almost forget that you’re listening to hip hop! It came out on the ever surprising Young Turks label that gave us The XX as well as SBTRKT!
Have a magical taste.

Bertrand Delanowave

Track of the day #2

German based italian duo that we discovered through their Andy Blake/Dissident collaboration a coupla years ago, here they are, back with this new tune, and quite a departure from their previous ventures. Sure, you still can feel the italo roots of this, but the end result is a whole new affair, going in deep and super tense territories, closer to techno, but quite the opposite from anything minimal. File under “going mental”!

This came out some weeks ago on wax, so act fast before it’s all gone! Discaire is the label, it’s brand new and set for great things.

Bertrand Delanowave

And here comes Space Music 2…

The underneath mentioned Nurse With Wound CDR limited to 40 copies that already goes on ebay for as much as 400$s less than ten days after its “release”, wave file megaupload hidden link 😉 It might be unavailable at times, but be persistant, it’s there.

You’re welcome,
Bertrand Delanowave

Say thank you and keep it on the low…

Last week NWW performed in London at Koko in Camden.
As he somtimes does, Steven Stapleton had a booth were some merchandise was for sale, including two ridiculously super ltd CDRs. One was a new mix of his recent Space Music album, ltd to 40 copies, the other one was Orgasm, ltd to 20 copies!

This 22 minute long track is some of the noisiest mayhem Nurse has indulged in of late. And yes it’s bloody glorious when all hell break loose after roughly 14 minutes, and unless you strongly desire to end up in jail, I would as strongly recommended to neither listen to this high nor drunk.
So to help you out, the curious one or the fan, there it is in equally glorious wave file quality download, until it lasts 😉 Shhhhhh…

Bertrand Delanowave

Track of the day

We’ll try to provide you here with a song of Helter Skelter interest on a daily basis.
It’s not a promess, but feel free to bust our asses if you see a decline in efficiency 😉

The inspiration for this first entry is the current situation our currently part-time collaborator Helpimacop stands in, regarding the alarming LPD centered melomania Jr has recently undertaken in this LPD friendly environement the family settled in.

The Legendary Pink Dots have been longtime favorite of ours, with their unique blend of mysticism, avant pop, post industrial lushness. over the past 30 years, they’ve been exploring the most distant musical destination and brought back one of the richest and mst rewarding blend of words and sounds. This tune is from their Maria Dimension LP from 1991 and still stands as one of the best uncovered proto dance track, with strong edit potential.

Bertrand Delanowave


And subsequantly, the world Frankie, Larry and Jesse unlushed to us :

Bertrand Delanowave