Lone strikes again…

Since last summer’s Pinapple Crush, we’ve been raving about Lone’s new sound throughout two mini albums and a coupla singles. People started getting a little jaded about him but that’s alright as we still dig the constant little changes in his production. With the upcoming summer, you can feel his latest R&S double pack getting past the melancholy that drove Boards of Canada fans to his music. While the emphasis on “beauty” still is here, it definitively is about party these days. And a month ago or so came this little nugget, a remix of the oldschool rave classic Kinetic, from the Golden Girls (an Orbital side-project). Many great remixes have taken on this anthem (Frank De Wulf, Smythotts, etc…), but some 18 years later, Lone comes and grabs the soul of it, turning it into a two step garage chicago jackin’ monster. Lushness!

Golden Girls – Kinetic (Lone Remix)

Golden Girls – Kinetic original

Golden Girls – Kinetic (Orbital Remix)

Bertrand Delanowave


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