05/13/2011 Playlist + Daniel Higgs (live + interview)

James T. Cotton8163264 To The Edge Of Panic – 2XLP – Creep Acid – Nation (2011)
Tin ManElectric Blue – 2XLP – Perfume – Salon Records (2011)
HerszchlagUntitled B-Side – 12″ – S/T – Analogue Solutions (2011)
Enrique X. MaciasPortrait Du Matin – LP – V/A Musica Electroacustica Española 2 – Circulo De Bellas Artes (1987)
Invisible Conga PeopleIn A Hole – 12″ – In A Hole – DFA (2011)

Daniel Higgs Live + Interview
Daniel Higgs is an awesome and inspired singer and Banjo player who used to be in hardcore bands such as Lungfish (Dischord) and has had an amazing journey and released tons of cool records, most recently on the latest and amazing Skull Defekts LP Peer Amid. He graced us live with one of his eerie but joyfull performances before playing a small parisian gig the same evening.

Improv – interview (BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa – Excerpt – LP – Big Shadow Montana – Helen Scarsdale Agency (2011) as background music) – improv – “Return” – improv overlaping the next “outro” tune :

Farley “Jackmaster” FunkYes He Saved Me (Gene Hunt Mix) : outro – 2XLP – Chicago Dance Tracks Part 1 – Rush Hour (2011)

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