Frankie Knuckles listen to Chicago classics and gives us great insight

I just thought I had to pass along that sweet little resident advisor Frankie Knuckles interview that just gives us so much insight into what Chicago House and Djing are in so little words.

Highlights :

“Ronny (Ron Hardy) did all of his stuff on a cassette deck, he pause edited everything. Erasmo and I sat behind a reel-to-reel with grease pencil and splicing blocks. And we cut everything. Ronny didn’t know how to do that or didn’t have the patience to learn it.”

“Jamie (Principle) wrote all of those songs for the girl that he was in love with at the time—her name was Lisa, a beautiful young girl.”

“I have Hercules & The Love Affair to thank for getting me back to my first love. Correction, not my first love, my real love.”

If you don’t know who Frankie Knukles is, do yourself a favour and listen to this piece of raw heaven, discussed in the ITW.

Bertrand Delanowave


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