The Chain & the Bell

Years ago, the former:now reunited Antipop Consortium MC Beans released one of the best indie Hip Hop album of the 00’s with his Shock City Maverick LP. What always puzzeled me back then is that the musically most interesting track on it was an instrumental, You’re Dead, Let’s Disco. With it’s hook made out of a simple MPCed/choped church bell loop, it worked wonders and then braught a seldom heard dynamic in hip hop. It felt more like a continuation of the work from the likes of Mantronix or Chep Nunez. And of course, nobody noticed.

Because of that, I think I developped an interest for bell based melodies in pop music, and as my current biggest interest there now lies in what is horribly called Future Garage (Submerse, Deadboy, early Joy Orbison, etc), I guess I was waiting for that bell to come around.

Thanks to The Chain, a UK outfit signed on R&S but active in house and such under various aliases, I finally got that bell hook back through my ears, and that on their upcomming single Lostwithiel. I’ll let you be the judge of it, but I can tell you I already reserved my copy of this tense melancholic nugget!

Bertrand Delanowave

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