Track of the day #2

German based italian duo that we discovered through their Andy Blake/Dissident collaboration a coupla years ago, here they are, back with this new tune, and quite a departure from their previous ventures. Sure, you still can feel the italo roots of this, but the end result is a whole new affair, going in deep and super tense territories, closer to techno, but quite the opposite from anything minimal. File under “going mental”!

This came out some weeks ago on wax, so act fast before it’s all gone! Discaire is the label, it’s brand new and set for great things.

Bertrand Delanowave

3 responses to “Track of the day #2

  • aTomX

    Wow, very nice track, successfully “mille-feuilles” constructed !
    I envoy very much the radio show, btw ^_^
    Big up !

  • helterskelterfm

    Many thanks!
    Hope you don’t mind the technical hiccups too much : we’re such a poor radio and the gear is antique and scrambling, but we have faith.

  • aTomX

    Hey !
    Not at all, hiccups are parts of the appeal of your show !!
    I’m just going to listen the last podcast : I could not be physically present in front of my radio on last friday… Engage ! and please, do so : keep the faith !!!

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