Track of this beautifull day #3

There haaven’t been that much hip hop that struck us lately, and actualy, when it comes to this, since Lill’ Wayne’s A Millie, I kinda gave up on indie hip hop for the more mainstream kind. It seemed more honnest in a way. That being said, the mainstream hasn’t dellivered either, so hip hop kind of fels like a sick animal that needs to be put to sleep… Huh… However extreme that sounds like, I hope you get the vibe.
Anyhoo, flash forward 2011, this weird new mutant race of an animal that Bullion is delivers one helluvan album in his You Drive Me To Plastic. It sure is instrumental, but it is so joyous and zany that you almost forget that you’re listening to hip hop! It came out on the ever surprising Young Turks label that gave us The XX as well as SBTRKT!
Have a magical taste.

Bertrand Delanowave

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