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06/24/2011 Playlist

Oh no! No audio file was saved from that show, we’re so ashamed… well… kind of at least…

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week, but the computer crashed last Sunday! Still out of order, but this was typed @ the radio station…

Ford & LopatinEmergency Room (Gavin Russom Remix) – 12″ – Emergency Room – Software (2011)
Ricardo MirandaUrbanism (Chiba Mix) – 12″ – Urbanism EP – Noble Square Recordings (2011)
Tevo Howard – Global Communication – 12″ – The Drum Machine Man – Tevo Howard Recordings (2011)
Jared WilsonGirl, I’m Waitin’ – 12″ – Let Your Body, Make Your Body – Dolly (2011)
TensnakeYou KNow I Know It – 2X12″ – Live + – Vynil Factory (2011)
San SodaMiddelmatig In 1993 – 12″ – Immers & Daarentegen Sampler EP – We Play House Recordings (2010)
DiscodromoMercurio – 12″ – S/T – Discaire (2011)
Craig LoftisYes I’m Right (Power Plant Mix)– 2XLP – Gene Hunt presents Chicago Dance Tracks Part 2 – Rush Hour (2011)
Kola KubeWhy (Joey Negro Block Party Mix) – 12″ – Why – Surround Sounds (2010)
Umberto Night Stalking – LP – Prophecy Of The Black Widow – Not Not Fun Records (2010)

Track of the day #14

Mark Goddard? Truth?! Never heard of those. Or have I? These pretty generic names could just hide anything, from Goa Trance to ambient downtempo or folk protest singing. Suposedly the fourth release of equally obscure and ungooglable Funky Groove Records, the only link I could find was that this was a subsidiary imprint for forgotten Funky Junky Records, a hardcore/proto-jungle label with only a handfull releases, most of which were white labels.
Truth is a whole different affair. Obviously of british lineage, we here march in the deepest and most beautiful Detroit territory. There’s a tradition of british Detroit techno with B12, As One, Stasis and cohorts. For years, we covered it all here at Helter Skelter, but this gem is such an under the radar must-hear/must-have/must-love choon that even if we already played it, I thought we should remind you of it. I dare say this up there with the best Kenny Larkin, C2 and even Derrick May. Hope you’ll enjoy this as much as we do.

Bertrand Delanowave

17/06/2011 Playlist

PhoeneciaTwo-Part Invention For Bodhran & Computer – FLAC – Demissions – Schematic/Detroit Underground (2011)
Polar PraxisMusic For Fireworks (Part Two) – LP – Music For Fireworks – OnderStroom Records (1984-2011)
BottinRoger Bacon – 2XLP – Horror Disco – Bear Funk (2011)
EDMXWhiskey Lima – 12″ – Can’t Remember E.P. – Mathematics Recordings (2007)
PhoeneciaAunt Alice – FLAC – Demissions – Schematic/Detroit Underground (2011)
William S. FischerChains – LP – Circles – Embryo Records (1970)
CestrianAnnihilator – 12″ – Split – Future Flash (2011)
Paul BennettRoyce Road To Peter Street – 12″ – One – Modernista (2009)
Outro : Gesundheit

Tomorrow night if you’re in Paris – Jacques Thollot live

Barney Wilen, Don Cherry, Joachim Kühn, Steve Lacy, Michel Portal, François Tusques, Sonny Sharrock, Jac Berrocal, Jef Gilson, those are some of the musicians whom Jascques Thollot has recorded with over the years. Mind you, the biggest part of his oeuvre occured from the late 60ies to the early 80ies, Mr Thollot still occasionally plays, and tomorrow is one of those times. At the Sunside club in central Paris, you’ll get a chance to see and more importantly hear his new quartet, and maybe you’ll get treated with some of his original tunes from one of his old Futura albums, the ones where he led a future of jazz.

Jacques Thollot – drums
Tony Hymas – piano
Nathan Hanson – sax
Claude Tchamitchian – double bass

Track of the day #13

The origin of Ceramic Hello lays in prog rock, but thankfully, this early 80ies american duo settled for a minimal proto-techno approach before releasing their first album in 1981. Since that not much has happened appart from a growing cult-fanbase and the recent but long out-of-print reissue of the album, including an additional LP of bonus material, namely b-side tracks and demos. Out of those demos recorded in 1981-83 comes Sampling the Blast Furnace, a marvel of a song that hasn’t letf my turntables and my DJ bag ever since. It’s a tad dark and full of tension, but probably as forward-thinking as the early Chris & Cosey we’ve been writing about last week.

Bertrand Delanowave

Track of the day #12

Here at Helter Skelter, we haven’t shied away our love for Julio Bashmore. In fact we even invited him over to play in Paris for his first time in early April. Since then, he’s become the major up and coming 2011 producer. That comes of course with many new opportchoonities (Hi Sylvia!), out of which he sometimes failed to deliver. This remix for fellow Bristolian producer/artist Christophe isn’t one of those. Keep the faith high, Julio, as high as the hands can go in the air to this shear beauty of a piano-house choon!

Bertrand Delanowave

If tomorrow you’re in Paris…

If you wanna party, I suggest you follow these guys :


Kraut Space Garage live

SCORPION VIOLENTE, Enfant terrible, Bruit Direct, Avant!
Post Industrial Electro live

THE DREAMS, Bibimap, Enfant terrible, Rococo
Tropical Monoton live

Silver Wave Punks live

With INFERNO TOLEDANO & AKA JETBOY Djing, Videos by MURAUX MORGAN PARITY, and many surprises and guests…

10 euros

75010 PARIS
METRO BELLEVILLE (ligne 2 et 11)

These guys actualy know how to party!
Bertrand Delanowave