Secret heroes sharing #1 : Tom Dokoupil !!!

Czech born Tom Dokoupil had one hell of a versatile career : in the past 30 years, he’s had his hands on probably way more than can be acounted for, from music to film, art and teaching. I first became aware of his work through his wonderfull Siluetes 61 solo project, two quirky as hell albums, mashing rautrock into a leftfield dada disco drama storm.

Using all manner of found objects and instruments (including heavy use of the vocoder), Tom Dokoupil went on to produce several radical experimental works, as well as countless partakings in the burgeoning german post-punk scene, thus becoming an obscure household name for the now cult ZickZack label. Since the early 80ies, he produced, acted and scored many art-house and horror movies, but his distinct voice remains within music, which this writer thinks should get way more credit.
His most powerfull work has usualy been achieved in the company of two likeminded spirits, both students of the scary but immense Joseph Beuys, the wonderfull Detlev Kühne & Walter Dahn. I advise you to check them out too!

A selection of Tom’s cool :

The Wirtschaftswunder

Die Partei

Die Radierer

Slinky Gym School

Quick Culture

Bertrand Delanowave


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