Track(s) of the day #8

When I checked out the weather this morning, I felt like I was in britain. It wasn’t that bad, just on shifting either way forever. That set the day on a melancholic mood, but a quite mellow one. As I was wondering whom I should write about today, I remembered that car trip ages ago when me and some friends heavily got into Hawkwind throughout the journey, a moody journey not unlike this morning. Memories.
Hawkwind was the brainchild of Dave Brock and Co, a relevant mixture of prog, fantasy influenced ultimate britishness and proto ambient. Authors such as Michael Moorcock set the course of a long spaning career which included many line up changes. The only constant was Dave Brock. The thing is Dave could play anything, so it’s not surprising he indulged in some solo ventures, one of which is the meat of this entry!
In 1983, Earthed To The Ground was released, an uneven album if there is, but it contained this little gemm of a track called “Spirits”, an ambient balearic techno monster before its age.

Lately, I also came to realize how deep into the british musical aesthetic Dave Brock fit. Even if this is indeed typical but great Hawkwind territory, this track is so much indebted with Roy Budd‘s custom arrangements from the early 70ies. This so british spy-jazz groove came to be a major part of most avant rock UK musicians ever since, sometimes more obviously than others. Check the theme from the original Get Carter movie!

Of recent, Jah Wobble (Public Image Limited) covered this very same theme in a dub fashion that suited the track so well, but it’s been a mainstay in UK pop music homages with DnB, hiphop and new wave versions.

Bertrand Delanowave


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