Artist of the day #3

Not much is remembered about Michel Zacha these days. An HAIR the musical alumini (for the french version anyways), he had a handfull of releases throughout the 70ies, before shifting towards production. He became quite notorious for his longstanding collaboration with french punksters Starshooter and their lead singer’s later career, namely Kent.

Well, that being said, I still can’t fully grasp how come his first solo LPs went into oblivion, considering the quality of the quality of the team onboard (Jean-Pierre Alarcen, Marc Chantereau, Georges Rabol and Georges Rodi! Top french studio players as well as great composers within their respecive groups, namely Arpadys, Baroque Jazz Trio, Eden Rose, etc…) and the cheer singularity of the music. Let’s hope for a renewed interest to maybe trigger some unreleased sessions unearthings. Until then, here’s two tracks from his second album, Le Vol D’Icare, the second volume in his Promesses D’Atlantides venture.

Bertrand Delanowave


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