Track of the day #14

Mark Goddard? Truth?! Never heard of those. Or have I? These pretty generic names could just hide anything, from Goa Trance to ambient downtempo or folk protest singing. Suposedly the fourth release of equally obscure and ungooglable Funky Groove Records, the only link I could find was that this was a subsidiary imprint for forgotten Funky Junky Records, a hardcore/proto-jungle label with only a handfull releases, most of which were white labels.
Truth is a whole different affair. Obviously of british lineage, we here march in the deepest and most beautiful Detroit territory. There’s a tradition of british Detroit techno with B12, As One, Stasis and cohorts. For years, we covered it all here at Helter Skelter, but this gem is such an under the radar must-hear/must-have/must-love choon that even if we already played it, I thought we should remind you of it. I dare say this up there with the best Kenny Larkin, C2 and even Derrick May. Hope you’ll enjoy this as much as we do.

Bertrand Delanowave

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