Weird proustian Nirvana memories unfold furthermore…

Yesterday, I wrote about both of my main interests (music and comics) meeting in the form of a strip about one’s relation to Nirvana‘s ear-opener. The amount of reaction I got from this post got me thinking about this topic furthermore, indulging in a quasi morbid and certainly painful time-travel experience, listening to Coil, Hole, Devo and of course the main guys…

For some reason, that reminded me of the fact Cobain had a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. So I went looking and soon found she is all grown up now at 18 years old, and as lovely and darkly sullen as her parentage might suggest. She’s an aspiring artist who debuted in a 2010 art show under the pseudonym “Fiddle Tim, and is also covered in tattoos, including one based on the work of one of my favorite cartoonist, the infamous Al Columbia whose Biologic Show and Pim and Francie still are deeply carved into my mind. Al columbia was also the artist supposed to take over from Bill Sienkiewicz‘s run on Big Number with Alan Moore.

Her sole music venture to date is a singing part on Amanda Palmer‘s Evelyn Evelyn project.

Mrs Palmer currently is the wife of Neil Gaiman, author extraordinaire of Sandman, American Gods, and who also took over from Alan Moore on Miracleman. This sounds like a future post on Alan Moore in the making 😉

She also adorns a wolverine T-shirt on this photoset by photographer Hedi Slimane.

A girl who loves comics…

Bertrand Delanowave


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