02/17/2012 Playlist

Jef Gilson was born Jean-François Quiévreux in 1926. He was the great father figure of franch modern and avant jazz, which is quite surprising since he had qute conservative views on life. Well… At least compared to his peers, as you couldn’t say Bernard Vitet, Michel Portal or Jac Berrocal (all past guests of this show) were the most balanced beings back then, those were a furious bunch set to revolutionize jazz and more. Jef was probably the best channel to that fury. Having started his professional career in the Boris Vian Big Band, he was used to handeling bands, big ones. A true inovator of the piano, he wasn’t shy with new technology and fashions, embraced the studio and it’s pasting techniques, embraced the electronic keyboards, and first and foremost, he embraced his time! His own Palm label is the only true historical competitor with the great Futura label, and he helped launch musicians such as Byard Lancaster or Khan Jamal into new heights. But his greater contribution is to have set the standard of french avant jazz at its highest, while still reconizing its musical roots. His meeting with Madagascar and its musicians is also of high interest, as when stuck there  in may 1968, he discovered the musical scene and collaborated with many local musicians, brought them back to Paris and set a new tradition. He

Jef wasmostly retired from the music scene years ago, and he died February the 5th.  We’ve often played his music over the years in this show, but it’s sad that he’s still not recognised as he should be, so let’s hope this very show helps people finding their way into the world of one of the most versatile and innovative musician of the 20th century.

Bertrand Delanowave

Jef GilsonThree Four One – LP – Enfin! – Le Club De L’Echéquier (1963)

Jef GilsonCurious – LP – Enfin! – Le Club De L’Echéquier (1963)

GilsonSalegy Jef – LP – Malagasy At Newport-Paris – Palm (1973)

The Jef Gilson Nonet feat. Jean Louis ChautempsA Free Call – LP – New Call From France – Polydor -1966)

GilsonSodina – LP – Malagasy – Palm/Lumen (1972)

Jef Gilson / Jean-Charles Capon / Gilbert Rovere / Jean-Luc Ponty / Lionel MagalChromatisme – LP – Concert À La M.J.C. Colombes – Palm (1972)

Jef Gilson – L’Imagination Au Pouvoir – LP – Le Massacre Du Printemps – Futura (1971)

EuropamericaChromatisme – LP – Europamerica – Palm (1977)

Jef Gilson / Jean-Luc Ponty / Jean-Louis Chautemps Chant Inca – LP – Œil Vision – Club De l’Echiquier (1963)


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