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Track of the day #42

Is it me or is today a little more gloomy then usual? Maybe it just is a case of monday blues, though. Anyhow, here we are!

Enter Milanese, Birmingham based music producer and musician, long time raver and unsung hero of bass music. Milanese’s always been ahead of his time, hence his relative anonymity . His long standing electronic music studies and musical background put him in the strange position of releasing music on well regarded labels such as Warp or Planet Mu at times when few others were attempting similar artistic goals on those very same labels. So it naturally takes a little while for his sound to sink into peoples mind, but it’s very well worth it, and some of his tunes have become semi classics. File under darkness and groove.


Bertrand Delanowave

Track of the day #41

Unrest are a special case. They started out as a punk noise DIY outfit from Arlington, Virginia, back in the mid eighties. the shape of indie collage rock wouldn’t be the same if not for them. The thing is that most of indie college rock is awful, while the band hit the perfect formula with their fifth LP, Imperial F.F.R.R. The next one would also fly very high in the modern pop canon, but that was it, no more after 1993, another clue of how 1993 was the year indie rock took a step back and let loose the horror that is Oasis and all that came along.

Here’s one of the most candid pop tunes of the 90ies in its original glorious beauty and the alternate beat instrumental version that came with a bonus 7″ in the ltd LP edition :

A few more Imperial F.F.R.R. cuts :

There’s a few more beautiful abstract/experimental cuts on this, but I’ll let you discover that by yourself, but if that’s not enough, one last song from their 6th LP, Perfect Teeth :


Bertrand Delanowave

07/27/2012 Playlist

Special guest from Montreal, HGLDT, bass / electronic music producer extraordinaire

Capracara & The District UnionNickel Ride – 12″ – V/A Nickel Ride – Cómeme (2012)
 DJs ParejaTacha – Nickel Ride – 12″ – V/A Nickel Ride – Cómeme (2012)

Mickey PearceSoftly Softly – 12″ – S/T – Ten Thousand Yen (2012)

DebukasGolden Mind (Pional Remix) – 2X12″ – Pleasure Patterns EP – Debukas (2012)
Manuel Regnet Joy (Original Mix) – 12″ – V/A Assembly Records Limited Edition Sampler – Assembly Records  (2012)
HGLDTLights – unreleased (forthcoming on Full Fridge)
HGLDTFree to Harmonize – unreleased
HGLDTFight / Flight – unreleased (forthcoming on Full Fridge)
HGLDTDemo 2 – unreleased
SynkroEverybody Knows (Paveun rmx) – unreleased
Oh, and there was some Steve Lacy in the background when we chated, from his Momentum LP

Today’s guest (& Track of the Day #40.1)


Happy to announce that today’s guest in the radio show will be our fellow expat’ HGLDT from Montreal, Canada.

He graced us last year with a sublime EP of bass music featuring the likes of Damu, Resketch and himself. We covered Damu quite extensively last year, but it’s time to let HGLDT’s custom mix of bass, house, juke and electronica shine by itself! Catch you at 18:30 local time. Live streaming there, or on the air at 93.1 FM.



Bertrand Delanowave

Track of the Day #40




Breach came to our attention with his awesome quirky floor-filler remix for Crazy P, one of this year’s absolute best dance tune. He used to do some drum and bass under the Lean moniker, but he’s mostly recognized for his vocalist career. He actually even released a coupla LPs under his real name, Ben Westbeech, RnB infused deep house records that gently sit between comfort zone and infectious body chakin’ choons. But even if we enjoy this more mellow side, it definitively is his Breach incarnation that excites us the most. Thankfully, he recently brought the best of both worlds with a Breach rmx of Ben Westbeech.


Bertrand Delanowave

Track of the day #39

A few months ago I met Connan Mockassin at a home party. We had a nice chat, and although I’d extensively heard about him, I had yet to hear him. After he left, our host played me a few of his tunes to a shocking effect : I was instantly and strikingly reminded of something from a distant past, and it took me a while to figure it out but eventually, I remembered Lighthouse, Chafik and Yasmine’s early 90ies pop band from Rennes in western France. Mostly forgotten by now, they nevertheless released a jewel of an album with their self titled LP from 1993 on the Rosebud label. Filled with soft indie ballads transcended by the eerie vocals of Chafik, they surely were ahead of their time. I have the CD sitting over here, but sadly, the youtube only withholds one of their songs, and not what would have been my first choice to introduce them. Anyhoo, this still is a singular pop tune, just somewhat lacking the great guitar work of the other songs within the rest  of the CD.

Hope you’ll enjoy this!


Bertrand Delanowave

Track of the day #38

A dear friend of mine reminded me of this yesterday. I hadn’t listened to the Alessi Brothers for the last coupla years, pulled out the 7″ and remembered the brilliance of this gem of a tune. Checked a little around and found out LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip somehow covered it live, but in my humble opinion, the original can’t be improved. The twin brothers made the perfect B-side to an already great single, Oh Lori, their very first one from 1976. A year ago, Bobby Alessi released a new video of the song recently made by LA filmmaker Keith Musil, and it is indeed quite a good visual take on this old song, hope you’ll enjoy the summer stormy vibes :


Bertrand Delanowave

Track of the Day #37

A few months ago I wrote a piece on remix services for the french music mag Trax. It helped me notice how little people knew about the history of it all. I understand this secret history of dance music is bound to remain a tad on the obscure side, but with this age of youtube and discogs, I would have thought that more fellow DJs would already be into investigating this remaining final frontier of digging. So I guess I’ll post a few examples of good or at least challenging remix services in the next few days, starting with razormaid take on one hit of the brilliant norwegian/american Data synth pop band. Razormaid was probably the late 80ies’ most cutting edge and hedonistic service, and here’s IMHO a proof of that


Bertrand Delanowave

07/20/2012 Playlist

Steve MasonAm I Just A Man (Studio rmx) – 12″ – Am I Just A  Man – Double Six Recordings (2010)

Noask LévrierOn Oublie La Peinture – LP – Les Hauts De Plafond – Satie Chapo (2012)

FemminielliChauffeur – 7″ – Split with Araignée ‎- Fixture Records (2011)

GrimesInfinite ❤ Without Fulfillment – LP – Visions – 4AD (2012)

GrimesGenesis – LP – Visions – 4AD (2012)

SBTRKTHold On (Sisi Bakbak rmx) – 12″ – Hold On – Young Turks (2012)

Kowton ‎- Never Liked Dancing – 12″ – S/T – Idle Hands (2012)

BarntGeffen – 12″ – The Power Of Now – Cómeme (2012)

Mario & VidisRyyk – 12″ – Staar Wars EP – Best Kept Secret (2011)

Marco BernardiKill The Worm – 12″ – Stratagalastico – Abstract Forms (2012)

J.T.CThe Controller (Mick Wills Remix) – 12″ – The Controller – MinimalRome (2012)

Heinrich Dressel ‎- The Black Radiant Sky – LP – Sighing Melodies Thru The Graves – Mannequin (2012)

Infiniti (AKA Juan Atkins) ‎- Flash Flood (Function Remix) – 12″ – The Remixes Part 2 – Tresor (2012)

Track Of The Day #36


Sometimes you gotta go with the classics, because the classics are sometimes forgotten. Before the Byrds, before, Stills, Nash and Young, David Crosby committed this first solo offering in 1971. It would take him almost 20 years before he’d dare try to match it, and I’m sad to say that it is not surprising he failed! With If I Could Only Remember My Name, Crosby captured the spirit of the times in a most direct and rewarding way, reached the mainstream with class and became immortal. They don’t make those anymore, and it’s been a while.




Cheers, have a great week end and see ya on thursday,

Bertrand Delanowave