Track of the day #34


Füxa have been around for quite some time now. I remember buying their first split single with Azuza Plane back in the early days at the parisian Rough Trade shop when they started out as a proto post rock band, fuzzy and shit. They were kind of ahead of their time but never managed to fully achieve what aimed for, or so I thought. I would never have imagined they would still be around 17 years later, but they are, and with their latest album, they invited one of my favorite singer to perform on their Our Lips Are Sealed single, namely Sarah Peacock of Seefeel fame.


Now even if Seefeel is probably one of my all time fave band, I remain neutral when judging their later body of work, but this is just one of the lushest song I heard in a long time. Hope you’ll enjoy this.


Bertrand Delanowave

PS : Oh, and if you buy either the LP or the 7″, you’ll get beautiful Anthony Ausgang artwork as well 😉

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