Artist of the day #50

How does one stumble upon Shawn Shegog‘s records in 2012? One doesn’t. One either got those some time ago, seriously digging or seriously paying. So why then? Well, Shegog mostly was a singer, or at least vocalist on some Mark Imperial releases, his No Name ones, and he really did contribute to the edge those have. On both his solo releases, he’s simply manages to get everything right (with a little help from the Imperial cohorts) especially on the “Living in the dark side” dub, one version absent from youtube and such, one heavily involved in my DJ sets.

Little is know about Shegog’s history, so one can only speculate, but one remarkable aspect of both his releases is the unlikely and all to rare dark visual aspect of his labels, one that is all too much absent in Chicago house, at least that dark! Maybe Shegog was way too tormented for this scene and vanished, yet he left us with two gems and that makes him a Chi town hero in my book.

Bertrand Delanowave

PS : shout out to Acid Square

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