About Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter is one of the oldest and most respected “indie” radio show in Paris and has been broadcasting for over 20 years! Over the years, the show has grown with its time, emerging from its “punk rock” roots to a more complex mixture of avant garde, hip hop, dub, electronica, techno, rock, speed garage, experimental, field recordings, sound poetry, jazz, disco, noise, folk, house, etc.

Musical guests have included Bernard Parmegiani, Nirvana, Larry Heard (Mr Fingers), Plastikman, François Tusques, Autechre, Ramuntcho Matta, Meat Beat Manifesto, Prefuse 73, Ghedalia Tazartes, Tes, Lo Recordings, Sutekh, Surgeon, Andrew Liles, Tes, Phoenicia, Sefyu, Coldcut, Donkishot, Jac Berrocal, Le Dust Sucker, !!! (chk chk chk) and hundreds other! Occasionnaly special guests outside the music world such as the prime french author Maurice Dantec have also been invited in thoughtful debates.

During the show, we try to have a provocative mixture of new & upcoming relevant music as well as “old” sounds in order to put into perspective our aim, breaking musical fences between genres by confronting each sound to its supposedly most opposite one (?). We might very well have alientated us some listeners in this course, but hopefully, we also built a strong identity and became a reference on the independent music radio show front.

The show is run by Bertrand Delanowave (Christian Bernard-Cedervall) and Helpimacop (Sebastien). They both buy 99% of all the tracks they play… They’re a little cuckoo. Bertrand Delanowave writes for the french music magazine Trax and for various other publications. He’s also taking Djing more seriously than many and produces some music in between buying musique concrete LPs and chicago house EPs. Hi band Bernadott has a few EPs coming out late 2011. Helpimacop is on the forfront of drones and psychedelic wax, and hopes to pass the virus to the latest family addition.

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