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Weird proustian Nirvana memories unfold furthermore…

Yesterday, I wrote about both of my main interests (music and comics) meeting in the form of a strip about one’s relation to Nirvana‘s ear-opener. The amount of reaction I got from this post got me thinking about this topic furthermore, indulging in a quasi morbid and certainly painful time-travel experience, listening to Coil, Hole, Devo and of course the main guys…

For some reason, that reminded me of the fact Cobain had a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. So I went looking and soon found she is all grown up now at 18 years old, and as lovely and darkly sullen as her parentage might suggest. She’s an aspiring artist who debuted in a 2010 art show under the pseudonym “Fiddle Tim, and is also covered in tattoos, including one based on the work of one of my favorite cartoonist, the infamous Al Columbia whose Biologic Show and Pim and Francie still are deeply carved into my mind. Al columbia was also the artist supposed to take over from Bill Sienkiewicz‘s run on Big Number with Alan Moore.

Her sole music venture to date is a singing part on Amanda Palmer‘s Evelyn Evelyn project.

Mrs Palmer currently is the wife of Neil Gaiman, author extraordinaire of Sandman, American Gods, and who also took over from Alan Moore on Miracleman. This sounds like a future post on Alan Moore in the making 😉

She also adorns a wolverine T-shirt on this photoset by photographer Hedi Slimane.

A girl who loves comics…

Bertrand Delanowave

Nevermind is 20 years old! Man…

As the 20th anniversary of Nevermind approaches, music website and magazine SPIN has been assembling an impressive variety of coverage honoring the seminal Nirvana album. In addition to archival material from the magazine’s past and new testimonials from artists both contemporary and classic, SPIN commissioned The Believer and Mome cartoonist Jonathan Bennett to create a short autobiographical comic strip about his history with the album. Anyone who knows me well is familiar with the fact that this album is indeed the founding moment for most of my cultural growth since then. Discovering comics with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Jamie Delano was probably the second most important moment as well. Jonathan Bennett, thank you.

Bertrand Delanowave

07/08/2011 Playlist – Guest : Tin Man!

The OscillationLament – 2XLP – Veils – All Time Low (2011)
The ChainLostwithiel – 12″ – Lostwithiel EP – R & S Records (2011)
Bass ClefRollercoasters Of The Heart – 12″ – S/T – Punch Drunk (2011)
Tin ManPerfume – 2XLP – Perfume – Salon Records (2011)

Live interview with Johannes Auvinen of Tin Man fame! The neo-californian producer of finnish origins stoped by the radio for a chilled but insightful conversation after his show at the Rex Club.

Tin ManConfusion’s In – 3X12″ – Acid Acid – Global A Records
Fingers, Inc.Bring Down The Walls – 12″ – Bring Down The Walls – Select Records (1986)

The ITW goes on as we chat about influences and various topics.

Tin ManCool Wave – 12″ – Cool Wave – Cheap (2009)
A Guy Called GeraldMoroccan Black – LP+12″ – Automanikk – Subscape (1990)

We conclude this ITW with a quick stare at the future.

Tin ManMint – CDR – Unreleased (2011)

Tomorrow night if you’re in Paris – Jacques Thollot live

Barney Wilen, Don Cherry, Joachim Kühn, Steve Lacy, Michel Portal, François Tusques, Sonny Sharrock, Jac Berrocal, Jef Gilson, those are some of the musicians whom Jascques Thollot has recorded with over the years. Mind you, the biggest part of his oeuvre occured from the late 60ies to the early 80ies, Mr Thollot still occasionally plays, and tomorrow is one of those times. At the Sunside club in central Paris, you’ll get a chance to see and more importantly hear his new quartet, and maybe you’ll get treated with some of his original tunes from one of his old Futura albums, the ones where he led a future of jazz.

Jacques Thollot – drums
Tony Hymas – piano
Nathan Hanson – sax
Claude Tchamitchian – double bass

If tomorrow you’re in Paris…

If you wanna party, I suggest you follow these guys :


Kraut Space Garage live

SCORPION VIOLENTE, Enfant terrible, Bruit Direct, Avant!
Post Industrial Electro live

THE DREAMS, Bibimap, Enfant terrible, Rococo
Tropical Monoton live

Silver Wave Punks live

With INFERNO TOLEDANO & AKA JETBOY Djing, Videos by MURAUX MORGAN PARITY, and many surprises and guests…

10 euros

75010 PARIS
METRO BELLEVILLE (ligne 2 et 11)

These guys actualy know how to party!
Bertrand Delanowave

Farwell Gil Scott-Heron.

Gil Scott-Heron was responsible for a whole lot of the most haunting political spoken words for the past 40 years. The black american poet infused rawness in an art that was mostly coming from the mind and sometimes the heart. He added his guts.
He died last week end, just a few months after completing the breath-taking Jaime XX produced “We’re New Here” album for XL.

This also marked the first work in four years from Aphex Twin collaborator and former Judge Dredd artist Chris Cunningham.
On “New York Is Killing Me”, he was surprisingly featured on guitars and overdubs, not long before an extended video edit surfaced.
And it is glorious. Industrial apocalyptic gospel may be the best way to describe it, but there’s a better option : watch and listen to this mesmerizing piece of audio-visual art while having a drink for Gil!

Bertrand Delanowave

Frankie Knuckles listen to Chicago classics and gives us great insight

I just thought I had to pass along that sweet little resident advisor Frankie Knuckles interview that just gives us so much insight into what Chicago House and Djing are in so little words.

Highlights :

“Ronny (Ron Hardy) did all of his stuff on a cassette deck, he pause edited everything. Erasmo and I sat behind a reel-to-reel with grease pencil and splicing blocks. And we cut everything. Ronny didn’t know how to do that or didn’t have the patience to learn it.”

“Jamie (Principle) wrote all of those songs for the girl that he was in love with at the time—her name was Lisa, a beautiful young girl.”

“I have Hercules & The Love Affair to thank for getting me back to my first love. Correction, not my first love, my real love.”

If you don’t know who Frankie Knukles is, do yourself a favour and listen to this piece of raw heaven, discussed in the ITW.

Bertrand Delanowave