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Track of the day #49 – File under acid #4

People familiar with my sets will probably recognize this. When I first discovered this some years ago, I couldn’t believe this wasn’t considered a classic, but I made my peace, played the shit out of it, and it now seems to have gained some new attention in this past year. Mark Imperial is a special case, a business man with a strong musical vision, at least for acid house : he got the basic structure pretty fluently, but what sets him apart from other acid knoblers is he indeed got a more musical sensibility with that then most. Probably more famous for his Laurent X‘s Machines and his 1985 hit “J’Adore Danser“, the cherry over the cake is this incredibly poetic track, a “She Ain’t Nuthin But A Hoe” that subtly makes the acid line run and turn every corner possible in the book, a thing of beauty with an infectious groove that possibly sounds even more relevant now than it did some 25 years ago!


Bertrand Delanowave

Track of the day #48 – File under acid lines #3

Another classic acid line. Eh… It’s actually more of a great 808 bass line, but who cares when it’s such a great track! Few people know of this since it’s one of the more elusive Chicago 12″s, one that will cost you serious dough if you wanna include it to your bag. Code 3 is a weird little unit responsible for three cool little tracks between 1987 and 1989 (1996 also saw an unlikely resurgence, but it is far from noteworthy), and apart from the somewhat famous Duane Thamm Jr. (countless collaborations with the likes of Denise Motto, Chip E, House Master Baldwin, Crystalite, etc, and his glorious Knight Action project), you won’t find anyone there that did anything beyond this project. And that is sad because Antonio Suarez Jr, Yolanda Colon &  S. Jammin-Lee have become heroes of mine, understanding so well the fundamentals of chi house and providing a coupla timeless underground classics that always manages to take the spotlight in my DJ sets.

Not acid but nevertheless balls :

Antonio Suarez JR also is responsible for the little nugget that Lisa Perez‘s “It’s Hot” is


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Track of the day #47 – File under acid lines #2

First there was house, then there was acid. In the grand scheme that acid house music is, Maurice Joshua or just Maurice was at the right place at the right moment when he released in late 1988 his genre defining “This Is Acid“. “I Got A Big Dick” is another favorite, but for some reason his third track from that same year seems to have slipped through the cracks of history, probably because it was only release as part of a european compilation and never re-issued. That is a mighty shame as “The Other Side” certainly counts as one of the deepest acid tracks thanks to an inhabited vocal and one of the most beautiful 808 line ever. I think that I’m gonna write about those lines a little in the coming days, but Maurice just had to come first. There you go :


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Artist/Label of the day #5 – File under acid lines #1

The other day I read a spectacularly insightful interview with one of my all-time musical heroes, Rodney Bakerr. Mr Bakerr was one of the most original and forward-thinking Chicago house producers.

With his Rockin’ House label, he created underground acid house hits with an attention for musicality. He often did was is now prohibited : he added live guitars and other live instruments. The result sounded like nothing else at the time, but it was still some darn good dance music! He also contributed in a major way in the shaping of house music after publishing the very first Roland house music drum patterns, as early as 1987! An older cat then the youngsters who were building the house nation, Rodney came from a rock/punk background and offered different insights from the regular disco heads, which is probably why his music still sounds relevent to this day.

Here are a few highlights to enjoy while reading the Gridface linked interview.

Shouts to Jacob Arnold
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07/08/2011 Playlist – Guest : Tin Man!

The OscillationLament – 2XLP – Veils – All Time Low (2011)
The ChainLostwithiel – 12″ – Lostwithiel EP – R & S Records (2011)
Bass ClefRollercoasters Of The Heart – 12″ – S/T – Punch Drunk (2011)
Tin ManPerfume – 2XLP – Perfume – Salon Records (2011)

Live interview with Johannes Auvinen of Tin Man fame! The neo-californian producer of finnish origins stoped by the radio for a chilled but insightful conversation after his show at the Rex Club.

Tin ManConfusion’s In – 3X12″ – Acid Acid – Global A Records
Fingers, Inc.Bring Down The Walls – 12″ – Bring Down The Walls – Select Records (1986)

The ITW goes on as we chat about influences and various topics.

Tin ManCool Wave – 12″ – Cool Wave – Cheap (2009)
A Guy Called GeraldMoroccan Black – LP+12″ – Automanikk – Subscape (1990)

We conclude this ITW with a quick stare at the future.

Tin ManMint – CDR – Unreleased (2011)

Track of the day #11

Fuckin’ Bass Clef! You can say what you want about the man, but “cool” should be one of the very first things to come to mind when discussing the londonite. Atfer his rather impressive “Promises” single from last year, Ralph Cumbers recently returned with a casette-only album filled with eery piano acid house & quirky future garage.

Not for the faint of heart, this project was probably to remain low-key, but as Bass Clef‘s profile keeps drumming up, this might get wider recognition. I said his profile was rising? Well of course it is§ How could it be otherwise with a new Punch Drunk single on the market that doesn’t fail to deliver the goods?! acid-tainted Bollyhood piano-house dub funkiness, namely “Rollercoasters Of The Heart”

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And subsequantly, the world Frankie, Larry and Jesse unlushed to us :

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