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Track of the day #5

Wow… OK, sorry, I took Sunday off, shoot me! But thanks for the pressure anyways 😉

This one is a special case. Been tracking without success that piece of wax for quite some time now, but as it turns out it is as mighty rare as it is in high demand. Usually, that doesn’t matter too much as I’m dedicated and patient enough to find it all, but this specific album has so far managed to escape my shelves. Being the Chicago house enthusiast that I am, this belgium record from 1986 always struck a deep chord with me as, even though being closer to an Industrial/New Beat wave of sound, it clearly predates if not anticipate the second Chicago generation (or third), with Dance Mania and Dj Rush. I heard it once in a club and it contributed massively to shape the way I dance.

A side project of à;GRUMH…, Polar Praxis finally finds its way to my turntables thanks to the good folks from OnderStroom Records and their sublime hot-off-the-press re-issue of this classic lost gemm of choon. High time to share the secret!

Bertrand Delanowave