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12/16/2011 Playlist

Mutant Beat Dance (AKA Traxx & Beau Wanzer) – New News Is Old News – 12″ – S/T – Rong Music (2011)

Robbie BashoThe Golden Shamrock – LP – The Grail & The Lotus – Takoma (1966)

RondenionHuman Touch – 12″ – Split with Altz  : Sol Levante EP – Bosconi Extra Virgin (2011)

Addison GrooveAddison Locked Groove – 7″ – Addison Locked Groove – Fifty Weapons (2011)

Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With WoundAsh On The Trees {The Sudden Ebb Of A Diatribe} – 2XLP – The Iron Soul Of Nothing – Ideologic Organ (2011)

Jon ConvexStreetwalk – 2XLP – V/A Scuba DJ Kicks – !K7 (2011)

Soul MekanikAfrican Frog Charity – 12″ – Bounty Girls – Creative Use (2005)

Alex Cima & On-LineDeception – LP – Solid State – GNP Crescendo (1986)

Bruno NicolaiParallele – LP – Dimensioni Sonore 8 – RCA (1972)

Chicago SkywayNoise – 12″ – Londinium EP – Uzuri (2011)

Jack RoseSundog – 3XLP – V/A By The Fruits You Shall Know The Roots – Time-Lag Records (2005)

12/02/2011 Playlist

Bruno NicolaiMagma – LP – Dimensioni Sonore 1 – RCA (1972)
L’InfonieSolo – LP – André Perry Présente L’Infonie – Polydor (1970)
ChambocheMi Senti – 12″ – V/A Tusk One – Tusk (2011)
Boof (AKA Maurice Fulton) – Now She’s Jumping – 12″ – S/T – Running Back (2011)
Simon Weiss Amsterdam Wave – 2XLP – V/A Amsterdam ALl Stars – Rush Hour (2011)
ManFriday feat. Larry Levan Real Love (Paradise Garage Mix) – 12″ – Real Love – Nite Grooves (2007, but obviously recorded much much earlier)
ContainerProtrusion – LP – S/T – Spectrum Spools (2011)
The Soft MoonVisions – 12″ – Total Decay – Captured Tracks (2011)
Musica Elettronica VivaPart 1 (excerpt) – LP – Friday – Polydor (1969)
Marran GosovBabymann – LP – Vocoding Life/Psycho-Akustik – Kuckuck (1980)
Soft MachineSoft Space – LP – Alive And Well Recorded In Paris – Harvest (1978)
Mark FellThis – Periodic Orbits Of A Dynamic System Related To A Knot – LP – Editions Mego (2011)
Turquoise DaysBlurred – LP – Alternative Strategies – Minimal Wave (2009)

Track of the day #4

I was yesterday reminded that we live around powerful witches who take over our cities at night. I’m still not 100% sure about it, but I got many clues. Then I thought about how the world would fare if it was indeed true, common knowledge and well accepted, and I came to the conclusion that our lives would be like movies, dramatic ones, dangerous ones, but the good thing would be that we’d have a continuous soundtrack, and most probably Ennio Morricone, Bernard Hermann style.
With Il Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, Morricone was at his most experimental, and IMHO his best. Or was he?
with only five albums under their belt the group is still largely overshadowed by his soundtrack work, but Morricone also released a handful of library records, six if I remember correctly and exclude the 10 LP Dimension Sonori series with his mentor Bruno Nicolai, and on a few of those, even if no info on who’s playing is given, you can hear the Gruppo in a softer mode.
Such is the case of this Controfaso LP on the Nicolai helmed Gemelli label, one of the scarcer and finest 70ies library outlet, with an average pressing run of 200-300 copies

This beauty is where the abstract Morricone meets the mainstream Morricone in the most effective fashion, and it is a crime (without punishment) it still remains ignored.
Here’s a small door into it.

Oh, and I urge you to set the video at 480p, the sound is usualy way better, which is critical with this music.

Bertrand Delanowave