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Track of the day #48 – File under acid lines #3

Another classic acid line. Eh… It’s actually more of a great 808 bass line, but who cares when it’s such a great track! Few people know of this since it’s one of the more elusive Chicago 12″s, one that will cost you serious dough if you wanna include it to your bag. Code 3 is a weird little unit responsible for three cool little tracks between 1987 and 1989 (1996 also saw an unlikely resurgence, but it is far from noteworthy), and apart from the somewhat famous Duane Thamm Jr. (countless collaborations with the likes of Denise Motto, Chip E, House Master Baldwin, Crystalite, etc, and his glorious Knight Action project), you won’t find anyone there that did anything beyond this project. And that is sad because Antonio Suarez Jr, Yolanda Colon &  S. Jammin-Lee have become heroes of mine, understanding so well the fundamentals of chi house and providing a coupla timeless underground classics that always manages to take the spotlight in my DJ sets.

Not acid but nevertheless balls :

Antonio Suarez JR also is responsible for the little nugget that Lisa Perez‘s “It’s Hot” is


Bertrand Delanowave