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Track of the day #39

A few months ago I met Connan Mockassin at a home party. We had a nice chat, and although I’d extensively heard about him, I had yet to hear him. After he left, our host played me a few of his tunes to a shocking effect : I was instantly and strikingly reminded of something from a distant past, and it took me a while to figure it out but eventually, I remembered Lighthouse, Chafik and Yasmine’s early 90ies pop band from Rennes in western France. Mostly forgotten by now, they nevertheless released a jewel of an album with their self titled LP from 1993 on the Rosebud label. Filled with soft indie ballads transcended by the eerie vocals of Chafik, they surely were ahead of their time. I have the CD sitting over here, but sadly, the youtube only withholds one of their songs, and not what would have been my first choice to introduce them. Anyhoo, this still is a singular pop tune, just somewhat lacking the great guitar work of the other songs within the rest ¬†of the CD.

Hope you’ll enjoy this!


Bertrand Delanowave