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Track of the day #6

Today I thought I’d share the upcoming 100% silk Innergaze single, but then I felt like having ice-cream. We’ve had some wonderfull weather over here in Paris for now over a week, and life has been mellow, exactly how this present track of the day makes me feel. Aloa is an obscure early 80ies german punk band that cooled down before their first & sole effort even was, taking the earliest D.A.F. formula to the darker realms of dub with a minimal set of equipment (Sequential Circuits Prophet V, Roland TR-606 and percussions). The result is one of the coolest 80ies album (cover art awesomeness included!), sounding like no one else and still setting the aim at the future. I’ve been aching to share the glory of Aloa’s music for the past 3 years, so there it is, cool as ice!

Bertrand Delanowave