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Latest shows soon uploaded…

It’s been a little hectic lately, so I’m late… Or at least, you could say I haven’t been consistent in my postings these past few weeks…

It’s slowly getting back on track.

Until then, a track of the day :

Akira Kiteshis Transmission is a massive 2-steper with garage induced chopped vocals. Not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you’re into FaltyDL, MachineDrum, Lone, etc, you should be happy with this departure from his usual dubstep productions. The dubstep is still there, but the production is finally balanced with the music. Out now on wax  on Phaeleh‘s Afterglo!

Bertrand Delanowave

Tech support from FaltyDL

The faithful follower of this blog and radioshow should have noticed our ongoing dedication for newyorker FaltyDL and his custom post dubstep/post garage/hardcore sound that’s currently shifting towards house, as his recent Photek remix showcased. Simon Reynolds might be borred with it all, but we’re still young and optimistic.

FaltyDL has mastered the revival of detuned/chipmunk vocal samples better than anybody we know of within dance music. He makes the over the top sound lush and sexy, going beyond the rhythmic quality of those samples.

New York’s Dubspot school of electronic music production recently had a feature between the man and Raz Mesinai (AKA Badawi, an old Helterskelter favorite), having them talk about Drew “FaltyDL” Lustman’s history as a flutist and upright bass player, as well as his use of Propellerhead’s Reason : Drew demonstrate his use of Reason’s powerful new NN-XT sampler—which now records audio, abstracting a Miles Davis sample into new dimensions, in part to sidestep legal challenges, but also to explore new creative realms. He and Raz go on to talk about the analog depth and character possible with sampling, adding a dose of production wisdom to your bedroom approach to music making, while keeping the process streamlined and simple.

Bertrand Delanowave

Artist of the day #6

The new Damu EP on Keysound looks like it’s gonna be one of the big 2011 records.
After some great tracks for Tom Lea‘s Local Action, the new prodigy is unleashing some of the warmest tunes, perfectly capturing the spirit of our times (riots included?) with a joyous mixture of house, garage, dubstep and wonky beats… His upcoming stuff for montreal’s HGLDT‘s Swing and Skip does wonders to the ears, the hips, the shoulders and the feets, but I think the best is yet to come with this Ridin’ EP.

This is a preview of all four tracks. If I had to pick one, start at 4:04, with “Be free”!

UPDATE : apparently, his debut album also is set for release on Keysound later this year, and the little we’ve heard sounds fantastic!

Bertrand Delanowave

Track of the day #17

As of late, the old Drum and Bass champion is attempting a come back. In the mid-nineties, Photek propelled DnB into another dimension, giving the genre a legitimacy it was craving. Alongside Source Direct, he shaped its future like few did ever since and before, but soon sought out other musical ventures (House music, film music scoring…). Sure there was a mid-00’s return to the roots, but it didn’t last, and soon, Rupert Parkes vanished again behind the doors of his hollywood mansion.

And suddenly, without notice, the first half of 2011 already saw the release of six new 12″s! One of the main dubstep imprint (Tectonic) even enlisted his talents to celebrate their 50th release.
So if the new music is a mixed-bag of house, breaks and DnB aesthetics tainted dubstep, it’s obvious Rupert is at least in touch with the current trends as he enlisted a handful of today’s bass music’s best producers. Indeed, those EPs have been graced with remixes from the likes of Boddika, Adisson Groove, Pinch and Falty DL, the last of which is a beautiful piece of quirky bass house for lack of better description. Enjoy!


Bertrand Delanowave