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Why of the day!

Why do I like Juke? I guess because I like Chicago house! When Addison Groove did Dumbshit (Footcrab‘s B-side) two years ago, it was a revelation. I remember back then, I still was skeptical about most post dubstep music, but the review mentioned 808 and 909 beats, so I checked it out. It sounded like the most successful mutation I’d heard in a long time. I was already getting mad energy from the Chicago resurgence with Traxx, JTC, D’Marc Cantu & co, but this took me by surprise as I wasn’t that much into the faster Dance Mania joints, too hectic for my tastes, mostly. Addison Groove slowed down the juke to 135-140 BPM and put it on the map, making it mixing friendly in the most noble way : you can mix his stuff with disco, 135 BPM, the origin of all house! But going back a little, I can also see a few other loves of mine, like Miami bass, the quest for a fully accomplished track with nothing but a drum machine, dancing with your mind off and your body on, looking like a fool but not carrying the slightest as long as your feet touch the floor 135 times a minute. Spinn and Rashad are the current gods of juke/footwork (thanks to the attention Addison gave them), but it’s already going further then expected with the Shangaan electro going 175-180 BPM and embracing a similar minimalistic aesthetic, basically a testament to house’s versatility. Anyhow, here’s a closer examination to the phenomenon, a less subjective one. Be thankful, you got both!

Origins :

Speed it all up :

New style :

Shangaan style :

And this

Oh, and also this : from disco to juke back to disco!



Bertrand Delanowave

Artist of the day #7

D’marc Cantu appreared to our ears some five years ago on a 12″ that set the tone for the future of house music at least up until now. This early incarnation of the new holy trinity of jackin acid house put together Melvin Olihant (AKA Traxx), Tadd Mullinix (AKA James T. Cotton/JTC/Dabrye) and namely the very young mister D’Marc Cantu.
Under the X2 guise, the trio offered us this monster of a track :

That’s also when we realized he’d already been encountered alongside James T Cotton under the 2 AM/FM guise to great success on Spectral.

A coupla years later, he still sit by JTC’s side on his seminal second LP

He’s since appeared on numerous Creme Organisation EPs with amazing grace

With his first album set to debut next year, his name sure is ready to stand on its own as one of the most exciting name within dance music of recent memory if not further.

Until then, here’s the full version of his latest track we played a week ago in the show, 10X As Stong, which came out on the ever interesting Lux Rec. Buy it there! 😉

Bertrand Delanowave

08/19/2011 Playlist

Ash Ra Tempel / Manuel GöttschingSunrain – LP – New Age Of Earth – Isadora (1976)
Night AnglesAerodynamour – 12″ – Aerodynamour – Force Majeure (2011)
D’Marc Cantu10x As Strong – 12″ – V/A: The Definition Of Jak The Definition Of Hope – Lux Rec (2011)
Bruce GilbertNet In The Feather – CD – The Shivering Man – Editions Mego (2011)
Tiyiselani VomasevePapa Vata Vuya Rini – 12″ – S/T – Honest Jon’s Records (2011)
Nuove Proposte SonoreInsiemi – LP – Nuove Proposte Sonore 1965-1972 – Die Schachtel (2011)
Art Department Feat. Soul Clap & OsunladeWe Call Love (DJ Harvey Remix) – 12″ – We Call Love – Crosstown Rebels (2011)
Neville WatsonOne Four Green – 12″ – Split with Apiento – World Unknown (2011)
Pursuit GroovesClueless – 12″ – Frantically Hopeful Sampler – Tectonic (2011)
GustaphA Chicken Lips Malfunction! – 12″ – Same Thing – Regalia Recordings (2011)
R/S (AKA Marcus Schmickler & Peter Rehberg) – Chicago I – LP – USA – Pan (2011)
ChristopheThe Force (Julio Bashmore Remix) – 12″ – The Force EP – Futureboogie Recordings (2011)
Sir StephenMove That Body – 12″ – By Design E.P. – 100% Silk (2011)
LA Vampires featuring Matrix MetalsSo Unreal – LP – So Unreal – Not Not Fun Records (2011)