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12/16/2011 Playlist

Mutant Beat Dance (AKA Traxx & Beau Wanzer) – New News Is Old News – 12″ – S/T – Rong Music (2011)

Robbie BashoThe Golden Shamrock – LP – The Grail & The Lotus – Takoma (1966)

RondenionHuman Touch – 12″ – Split with Altz  : Sol Levante EP – Bosconi Extra Virgin (2011)

Addison GrooveAddison Locked Groove – 7″ – Addison Locked Groove – Fifty Weapons (2011)

Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With WoundAsh On The Trees {The Sudden Ebb Of A Diatribe} – 2XLP – The Iron Soul Of Nothing – Ideologic Organ (2011)

Jon ConvexStreetwalk – 2XLP – V/A Scuba DJ Kicks – !K7 (2011)

Soul MekanikAfrican Frog Charity – 12″ – Bounty Girls – Creative Use (2005)

Alex Cima & On-LineDeception – LP – Solid State – GNP Crescendo (1986)

Bruno NicolaiParallele – LP – Dimensioni Sonore 8 – RCA (1972)

Chicago SkywayNoise – 12″ – Londinium EP – Uzuri (2011)

Jack RoseSundog – 3XLP – V/A By The Fruits You Shall Know The Roots – Time-Lag Records (2005)

Track of the day #11

Fuckin’ Bass Clef! You can say what you want about the man, but “cool” should be one of the very first things to come to mind when discussing the londonite. Atfer his rather impressive “Promises” single from last year, Ralph Cumbers recently returned with a casette-only album filled with eery piano acid house & quirky future garage.

Not for the faint of heart, this project was probably to remain low-key, but as Bass Clef‘s profile keeps drumming up, this might get wider recognition. I said his profile was rising? Well of course it is§ How could it be otherwise with a new Punch Drunk single on the market that doesn’t fail to deliver the goods?! acid-tainted Bollyhood piano-house dub funkiness, namely “Rollercoasters Of The Heart”

Bertrand Delanowave