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11/18/2011 Playlist

John HeckleInside Me – 2XLP – The Second Son – Mathematics (2011)
Mark ECall Me (Dixon Edit) – 12″ – Call Me – Merc (2011)
Tin ManBlown – 2XLP – V/A Forward The Past 2 : The Acid Flashback – Pokerflat (2011)
Funkineven Beat Crash – 12″ – Apron EP – Apron (2011)
CD vs CD (aka Chris Duckenfield)I Really Do Believe (Chicagodamn Bassline Pressure Dub) – 12″ –  I Really Do Believe – CD VS CD (2011)
Purple & GreenRight Here (Emotion II Emotion Club Mix) – 12″ – Right Here  – 2510 Records  (2011)
D’Marc Cantu – A Second Earth – 10 – How Are We Doing? – M>O>S Recordings (2011)
StrategyAnother Rain – 12″ – The Fixer – Endless Flight (2011)
PlanningToRockLiving It Out (Cosmodelica Remix) – 12″ – Living It Out – DFA (2011)
Aster Tormenta Del Desierto (I.F.M. Remix) – 12″ – Tormenta Del Desierto – Mathematics (2011)

Artist of the Day #9

Over the past twelve months, we’ve seen almost as many 12″s from Liverpool’s Deep Space Orchestra. Between their house and their disco lays some Detroit, and the quality’s constantly been on the rise. If they’re not yet making standout banging underground hits, they still manage to always catch our attention with nuggets such as this recent one :

Not leagues away from the almost ever satisfying Mark E, Deep Space Orchestra‘s just about to release their new EP, and it’s a blast. Containing three alternate mixes of their Hold Me Back song, the regular one, the oldschool acid one, and our fave, the cosmic boogie one, I just think they might soon catch many people’s attention as well :

If you fancy all this, you would be well advised to check their full soundcloud page for past and future transmissions.

Bertrand Delanowave

22/07/2011 Playlist

We’re back!
More to follow shortly…

Avant-garde/electronic 70ies italian libraries heavy edition of the show…

Mark EYou (Full Vocal Mix) – CD – Works 2005-2009 – Merc (2010)
M. Zalla (AKA Piero Umiliani) – Produzione – LP – Problemi D’Oggi – Liuto (1973)
Orlando Kimber & John Keliehor Cloud Music – LP – East Meets West – Bruton Music (1984)
Piero UmilianiSperduti Nello Spazio – LP – L’Uomo Nello Spazio – Omicron (1972)
Piero UmilianiStrategia – LP – Mondo Inquieto – Sound Work Shop (1974)
Pietro GrossiNell’antro Della Sibilla – LP – Elettrogreca – Cooper (1967)
Gino Marinuzzi Jr.Viaggio Spazalie – LP – Musica Ed Elettronica – Sermi (197?)
M. Zalla (AKA Piero Umiliani) – Savana– LP – Africa – Liuto (1972)
RoviMitologia – LP – Storia E Preistoria – Omicron (1972)
H.A.L.O Lewis (AKA Graham Lewis) – Eclipsed (Emmersion LFO Mix) – 12″ – Eclipsed – MNV (1995)
Piero Umiliani
Viaggio Nel Tempo – LP – Genti E Paesi Del Mondo – Omicron (1975)
Airlock Untitled 6 – 12″ – The Pounding – Airlock (1995)
Inigo KennedyYearning – Vignettes (One) – Semantica (2011)
Albert Van AbbeNCS_0009121010 [Heinrich Mueller Remodel] – 12″ – No Comment_0001 – No Comment (2011)
BarntMinister – 12″ – What Is A Number, That A Man May Know It? – Magazine (2010)

06/03/2011 Playlist

FuturiskLonely Streets (Prince Language‘s Fantasy Mix) – 12″ – Lonely Streets Remixes – Cititrax/Minimal Wave (2011)
AsterTormenta Del Desierto – 7″ – Various: Nit D’Hivern – Hivern Disc (2011)
EmptysetTangent – 12″ – Demiurge LP Sampler – Subtext (2011)
The Rhythm OdysseyDub Potion – 12″ – Love Potion – Leng (2011)
DJ Ageishi & Ackin’Rain Parade (Mark E Remix) – 12″ – Rain Parade – Internasjonal (2011)
Violence FMMental Fight (Final Mix) – 12″ – To Live & Die EP – Premier Sang (2011)

French wunderkid Violence FM live interview.
EBM, Chicago house, machine music, thierry’s tunes are all that and much more, analogue rhythmness of the best fashion. After a handfull of releases for Hieroglyphics Being‘s Mathematics records, he finally unleashes his debut EP (on the usualy noisier Premier Sang imprint), one of the very few french dance music records that we fully embraced of late. It is available in selected shops/online shops and you can further check him out on his myspace, for real 😉

Violence FMFear No More (Toumba Toumba) – CDR – Unreleased (2011)
Violence FMMesse 2011 – CDR – Unreleased (2011)
Violence FMTake It One – 12″ – To Live & Die EP – Premier Sang (2011)

French wunderkid Violence FM live interview continues…

Miracles ClubLight Of Love (Cutcopy Re-Vision) – 12″ – Light Of Love / So Hot – Cutters (2011)

05/27/2011 Playlist

Second show in a row with a broken turntable (Aligre FM is poor), which means it was done with one turntable and the welcomed return of my Helpimacop of a co-host and his CDs!!! Yeah… I hate CDs, but in that case I can’t complain.
So here’s a late brunch of Kid Creole influenced dub & codeine party music, abstract guitars, jak, heavenly and hellish drones, hockey bitch anthems, breaks and deep bum shattering grooves, Helter Skelter.

TraxxTo The Beat Bizarre! – 12″ – To The Beat Bizarre! – Lumberjacks In Hell (2011)
Andrew PeklerOn – CD – Cue – Kranky (2007)
AgoriaMark E Simple Version – 12″ – Heart Beating – Infiné (2011)
HeckerSpeculative Solution 1 – CD – Speculative Solution – Editions Mego (2011)
Addison GrooveMinutes Of Funk – 12″ – It’s Got Me – 3024 (2011)
DucktailsPorch Projector – LP – III: Arcade Dynamics – Woodsist (2011)
PollyesterIndian – LP – Earthly Powers – Permanent Vacation (2011)
Jim O’Rourke & Christoph Heemann#1 – CD – Plastic Palace People Vol. 1 – Streamline (2011)
SmackulatorHockey Girl – 12″ – Kicked Toda Curb EP – Bunker Records (2005)
Fovea HexCup Of Joy (Colin Potter remix) – CD – Three Beams – Janet Records (2011)
San SodaCocomo – LP – Immers & Daarentegen – We Play House Recordings (2010)

Mark E love

Not to be confused with one of our other heroes,

Mark E has been one of absolute favorite musician of late. With his own Merc label, he’s been releaseing some of the finest deep house, ever.
Tracks such as You, Christo or Special FX have wormed themselves into the deepest regions of our bodies and established Mark E as a singular figure in contemporary dance music.

His trademark “slow-mo” aesthetic makes the music shift from balearic to heroine induced euphoria and has graced a number of recent excellant remixes such as the ones for Clinic, Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra, DJ Ageishi and Ackin, White Elephant or the upcoming Agoria single (sheer beauty might I say!)

He’s just published his first proper album (after a gorgerous collection of edits) on Spectral Sound, and while we haven’t yet heard it, we hope for the best and encourage you to discover this very special artist before the hype catches on.

Bertrand Delanowave

RIP Trish Keenan

The unbelievable and sad news just came to us that Trish Keenan of Broadcast has died of pneumonia friday jan. 14 at age 42.

We did not expect to start this blog with such a sad news. Broadcast was and still is one of the bands we like the most, some of us following them since the first years. We were always eager to hear any new work and air it. We will miss bitterly Trish and Broadcast.

Still, we’ll continue to highlight and “promote” the fringe music we like in the same fashion we’ve been crusading for the past 15 years or so, and you can be sure it’s not the last you heard of Broadcast alonside the likes of Bernard Parmegiani, This Heat, Bruno Menny, Larry Heard, Monoton, Kid Creole, Conny Plank, Chep Nunez, Tod Dockstader, LFO, Eliott Sharp, Latin Rascals, Don Cherry, Konrad Becker, Arthur Russell, Robert Gordon, Henri Chopin, Mantronix, the Galactic Mothership, Pietro Grossi, Jean Schwarz, B.W.H., Prince, Rodney Bakerr, Nino Nardini, Sabu Martinez, Roland Kayn, Manix, Ralph Lundsten, Konk, Autechre, Eberhard Schoener, John Bender, Mike Dunn, Pierro Umiliani, Jean Cohen-Solal, Derrick May, Patrick Cowley, Todd Terry, Cluster, Transmat, Soundforce, Spoils Of War, Mark Imperial, Seefeel, Ron Hardy, Annette Peacock, Walter Gibons, Stockhausen, Crass, Maurice Joshua, Steve Lacy, NWW, Ennio Morricone, Phoenecia, Cliff Martinez, Falty DL, Dream Frequency, Pram, Frankie Knuckles, Traxx, Michel Portal, Anthony Manning, Roger Sanchez, MK, Mr Lee, Chrome, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, Roberto Cacciapaglia, Larry Levan, Sheila Jordan, Kenny Dope, Ubangi, Mark E, Patrick Cowley, Hosono, Terry Housemaster Baldwin, Coil, Bo Didley, James Asher, TinMan, Robbie Basho, Lidell Townsell, Julio Bashmore