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Track of the day #54

So I’ve been on a holiday from the blog for two days and I get crazy threats already! Well, I seem to have no choice but to get back to postin’. The other day, my friend DDD reminded me of an old swedish joint as he posted an old mix. Years ago I started to look for exclusive swede mixes when roaming the shelves in stockholm dusty stores and found many treasures as remix culture was big there. Most of the time the mixes were just edits, sometimes great sometime just serviceable, but occasionally, you’d get prime nuggets such as this Stonebridge one of Paris Grey‘s “Don’t make me jack“.

Sten Olof Hallström AKA Stonebridge is a swedish producer and mostly remixer who’s produced hundreds of hits and remixes as well as launching the great SweMix remix service. It’s well worth checking his discography for unknown dance floor gems as he’s proven great skills in making tracks becoming “Tracks!”


Bertrand Delanowave