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Track of the day #45 – Jason Noble’s passing.

Quite a sad one this time. I was recently having a discussion with fellow friends about the hay days of US punk rock, and Shipping News‘ first LP was voiced many times. And now, out of the blue, I just learn that its founding member passed away yesterday.  Jason Noble was also a leading voice in the careers of bands such as Rachels and Rodan, but Shipping News’ initial effort was back then one of the few remaining reasons many of us didn’t totally give up on current rock music in favor of Aphex, Autechre and co. Sure, Noble was already interested in electronics and filling his various recordings with field recordings and noises (his Per Mission project), but he was still loyal to a rock idiom that is now long washed out.

This is very sad news indeed, no puns intended, and the only good thing that could come out of it is if more people get introduced to this wonderful piece of rock that Save Everything is.

(if you don’t like the punk aspect of this, just fast forward to 3:00 or something and enjoy the tripy journey that is offered to you)


Bertrand Delanowave