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07/20/2012 Playlist

Steve MasonAm I Just A Man (Studio rmx) – 12″ – Am I Just A  Man – Double Six Recordings (2010)

Noask LévrierOn Oublie La Peinture – LP – Les Hauts De Plafond – Satie Chapo (2012)

FemminielliChauffeur – 7″ – Split with Araignée ‎- Fixture Records (2011)

GrimesInfinite ❤ Without Fulfillment – LP – Visions – 4AD (2012)

GrimesGenesis – LP – Visions – 4AD (2012)

SBTRKTHold On (Sisi Bakbak rmx) – 12″ – Hold On – Young Turks (2012)

Kowton ‎- Never Liked Dancing – 12″ – S/T – Idle Hands (2012)

BarntGeffen – 12″ – The Power Of Now – Cómeme (2012)

Mario & VidisRyyk – 12″ – Staar Wars EP – Best Kept Secret (2011)

Marco BernardiKill The Worm – 12″ – Stratagalastico – Abstract Forms (2012)

J.T.CThe Controller (Mick Wills Remix) – 12″ – The Controller – MinimalRome (2012)

Heinrich Dressel ‎- The Black Radiant Sky – LP – Sighing Melodies Thru The Graves – Mannequin (2012)

Infiniti (AKA Juan Atkins) ‎- Flash Flood (Function Remix) – 12″ – The Remixes Part 2 – Tresor (2012)

Virtual record of the day

Adult Swim, the “deviant” american kiddie branch of the Cartoon Network is going post-dubstep, yeah you read it!
With the help of Scion A/V compiled 18 rare and unreleased dubstep/bass music tracks from the most exciting side of the UK niche.

This is all available here

It features music from some of the show’s current favorites such as Xxxy, Untold, Dusk & Blackdown, Actress, Boxcutter and much more (Ikonika, Burial, Geiom, Lukid, SBTRKT, Zomby, Starkey, Pinch, Kode9, Ginz, Dauwd, Babe Rainbow, Cooly G, Geeneus, etc…)

The Kode9 track is IMHO one of the highlights

It also features a coupla video interviews with Actress and Pinch!

Bertrand Delanowave

Track of this beautifull day #3

There haaven’t been that much hip hop that struck us lately, and actualy, when it comes to this, since Lill’ Wayne’s A Millie, I kinda gave up on indie hip hop for the more mainstream kind. It seemed more honnest in a way. That being said, the mainstream hasn’t dellivered either, so hip hop kind of fels like a sick animal that needs to be put to sleep… Huh… However extreme that sounds like, I hope you get the vibe.
Anyhoo, flash forward 2011, this weird new mutant race of an animal that Bullion is delivers one helluvan album in his You Drive Me To Plastic. It sure is instrumental, but it is so joyous and zany that you almost forget that you’re listening to hip hop! It came out on the ever surprising Young Turks label that gave us The XX as well as SBTRKT!
Have a magical taste.

Bertrand Delanowave

04/22/2011 Playlist

The Black AngelsAt Night – 10″ – Phosgene Nightmare – Blue Horizon (2011)
Hans ReichelBonobo Beach – LP – Bonobo Beach: Some More Guitar Solos – FMP (1981)
Shifted PhasesScattering Pulsars – 2XLP – The Cosmic Memoirs Of The Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope – Tresor (2002)
Henri ChopinLes Souffles – LP – La Plaine Des Respirs – Tochnit Aleph (2007)
Andrew ChalkSpirit on the Staircase/Violin by Night – LP – Violin by Night – Faraway Press (2011)
Xander HarrisTanned Skin Dress – LP – Urban Gothic – Not Not Fun Records (2011)
SBTRKTLiving Like I Do – 12″ – Living Like I Do – Young Turks (2011) Jon HassellBalia – LP – Earthquake Island – Tomato (1978)

A little chat with Jade from the Tralala Collective (Collectif Tralala), a young parisien crew organising a cool little event (ZS (The Social Registry, US) + Noyade (FR) + Agnes Mercedes (SWE)) on the 04/26, at Point B, a parisian venue.

Agnes MercedesKiinocco – CDR – Melodic Fairytales (2011)
ZSAcres Of Skin – 2XLP – New Slaves – The Social Registry (2010)