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A busy year, therefore less posts since the summer… But 2012 still was an exceptional year, Top 20 tracks of the year


After finding myself back to music making, writing for magazines, interviewing the likes of Mad Mike, Adisson Groove, Baris K, Actress, John Lydon, Micronauts, Scuba, Robert Hood, Débruit, Josh Wink, Lescop, Skudge, I:Cube, D’Marc Cantu, Bertrand Burgalat and many others, opening a record shop, starting a company, DJing most week ends, I still bought a shitload of records. So far, the highlights have been those :

20 – We Have Band – Still Life

Apparently, this is a cover of the band The Horrors. It sure is indie rock, and it also can pass as a stripped down white gospel house softie, very effective and beautiful.

19 – Siriusmo – Rantanplant

I usually tend to get really annoyed by Siriusmo, but he managed to pull off making annoying good!

18 – Anna Meredith – Nautilus

I don’t know what that was meant for, if it’s supposed to be modern classical or something, but is is rather intriguing enough and quite dramatic, I played it out in the mix to great effect.

17 – Mirrorring – Fell Sound

A lush ambient drone shoegazy tune, like they used to do.

16 – Bass Clef – ‘Hackney – Chicago – Jupiter’

What an album! In between some really cool experimental stuff, a coupla killer beat tracks, like if Terry Riley had made house!

15 – My Nu Leng & Majora – Hips N Thighs

An 808, breaks, jukey beats, thanks 2012 for this revival!

14 – Anstam – Inuit

The weirdo has struck again! The album was a tad disappointing to me, but that EP had two great tracks, challenging ones for the DJ, my kind of stuff!

13 – Kowton – Looking at you

Maybe the track I’ve played the most out of this list, probably because it came out quite early on this year. A really nice and tense bassey choon!

12 – Special Request – Alone

The return of breakbeat, but with a twist, courtesy of Paul Woolford.

11 – Füxa – Our lips are sealed

My love for Seefeel is eternal, and Sarah Peacock singing on this is only the cherry on the cake. I’ve played this out pitched up on 45, and it’s weird, but really cool too, like shoegaze chipmunks!

10 – Samoyed – Klondike Rush

This also was a perplexing combination, but I played the shit out of this, warehouse/rave style!

9 – Hackman – Agree To Disagree

Bass, Africa, Beyonce, pop, a really sweet uplifting one.

8 – Mutant Beat Dance – Let Me Go

I’ve had this in my ears for almost two years now, and it changed a little since the first version I heard, but it’s still an amazing track from Traxx & Co, check the melodic details, the small variations, amazing!

7 – Clicks & Whistles – Hundred Mil 

Almost a silly one, but really efficient and weird footworkish choon, challenging.

6 – Svengalisghost – Mars Out Of Range

Almost in the top five, but still, an amazing EP from Marky on the acclaimed L.I.E.S. label. Chicago jams with great attention to musicality and rawness.

5 – King Britt presents Fhloston Paradigm – The Chase

The most unexpected release of the year, new King Britt, and it’s on Hyperdub, and it is Acid (he said quite recently he wasn’t interested in that anymore), and it’s breakbeat!!! Stelar new combination of the most unexpected nature.

4 – Liars – Octagon

When the Liars finally become what I hoped from the begining. Dance music played live with unusal sounds.

3 – Mickey Pearce – Don’t Ask, Don’t Get

The other track I played the most in 2012. It is a little crazy, it goes in all directions, it ends in the strangest way, but still, one of the most striking drum patterns of the year.

2 – Omar S & Ob Ignitt – Wayne County Hill Cop’s (Original Mix)

That is such a cool and clever take on the mid-eighties synthetic music, one that I was surprised to not hear copied more throughout the rest of the year.

And probably my fave of all year :

1 – The Parking Attendant – Mask Of A Thousand Faces

Marco Bernardi‘s new alias, with great rmxs on the EP, but the B-side is the shit IMHO…. Classic in all the good ways.

Also very much enjoyed the Actress B-side rmx of Shangaan Electro at 33RPM, the Shangaan Electro rmx of Nacho Patrol, Isotonik‘s rmx of XXXY, FaltyDL‘s first EP on Ninja Tune, the rawness of Fabio Monesi‘s It’s My Beat, Emotion II Emotion‘s sax rmx of Purple Green, most releases from Citizen (the band), October‘s Tanstafel label, Skudge, I:Cube,  the Acid Mercenaries EPs, and Riffs‘ Pots n Pans EP. I was also very happy to have my tracks with Samo DJ out on Versatile‘s Golem offshoot under the Bernadott moniker as well as anohter track out these days on Macadam Mambo. I already have more music lined up for release in 2013, so it’s already exciting!

Hopefully this coming year will be filled with more posts over here, but maybe elsewhere as well. I’ll keep you tuned.


Bertrand Delanowave

Why of the day!

Why do I like Juke? I guess because I like Chicago house! When Addison Groove did Dumbshit (Footcrab‘s B-side) two years ago, it was a revelation. I remember back then, I still was skeptical about most post dubstep music, but the review mentioned 808 and 909 beats, so I checked it out. It sounded like the most successful mutation I’d heard in a long time. I was already getting mad energy from the Chicago resurgence with Traxx, JTC, D’Marc Cantu & co, but this took me by surprise as I wasn’t that much into the faster Dance Mania joints, too hectic for my tastes, mostly. Addison Groove slowed down the juke to 135-140 BPM and put it on the map, making it mixing friendly in the most noble way : you can mix his stuff with disco, 135 BPM, the origin of all house! But going back a little, I can also see a few other loves of mine, like Miami bass, the quest for a fully accomplished track with nothing but a drum machine, dancing with your mind off and your body on, looking like a fool but not carrying the slightest as long as your feet touch the floor 135 times a minute. Spinn and Rashad are the current gods of juke/footwork (thanks to the attention Addison gave them), but it’s already going further then expected with the Shangaan electro going 175-180 BPM and embracing a similar minimalistic aesthetic, basically a testament to house’s versatility. Anyhow, here’s a closer examination to the phenomenon, a less subjective one. Be thankful, you got both!

Origins :

Speed it all up :

New style :

Shangaan style :

And this

Oh, and also this : from disco to juke back to disco!



Bertrand Delanowave

06/07/2012 Playlist

FüxaOur Lips Are Sealed (feat. Sarah Peacock from Seefeel) – LP – Electric Sound Of Summer – Rocket Girl (2012)

Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras & The CongosJungle – LP – FRKWYS Vol. 9 – Rvng Intl. (2012)

Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursTapes & Money (MJ Cole rmx) – 12″ – S/T – White Label (2012)

Philipp BostonSerious Disco – 12″ – S/T – White (2012)

Kasper BjørkeDeep Is The Breath (Hannulelauri Male mix) – 12″ – S/T – HFN Music (2012)

We Have Band – Still Life – 7″ -S/T – Record Store Day (2012)

Charlemagne Palestine & Janek Schafer Raga De L’Après Midi Pour Aude – LP – Day Of Demons – Desire Path (2012)

Disgu!se Listen To Me (L-ow remix) – 12″ – Remixes Volume 1 – Heartfelt (2012)

Nacho Patrol (AKA Legowelt) ‎- Lineas Angola (Nozjina‘s Shangaan Electro ‘Sansana’ Remix) – 12″ – S/T – Kindred Spirits (2012)

AzymuthTa Nessa Ainda Bicho? (Maddslinky ‘Heavy Up’ Remix) – 12″ – S/T – Far Out Recordings (2012)

SiriusmoRantanplant – 12″ – Dr. Beak’s Rantanplant – Monkeytown (2012)

Special Request Lolita (Warehouse Mix)  – 12″ – S/T – Special Request (2012)

Clatterbox Semi-Automatic (Creepy Autograph rmx) – 12″ – Trust (2012)

03/23/2012 Playlist

Wooden ShjipsWiking Stew (aka Red Krayola-ing) (Sonic Boom remix) – 12″ – Remixes – Thrill Jokey (2012)

ActressUntitled B-side – 12″ – Actress Meets Shangaan Electro – Honest Jon’s Records (2012)

Tevo HowardBedroom Music (Undercover Mix) – 12″ – The Drapes In The LivingRoom – Thug Records (2012)

[sic!]Orange Sky (Errorsmith‘s Disco Mix) – 12″ – Orange Sky Remixes – Meakusma (2012)

Wooden Shjips – Crossing Remix (Andy Weatherall remix) – 12″ – Remixes – Thrill Jokey (2010)

Peter RuzickaBewegung – LP – Metastrofe – Wergo (1974)

ModerneDilema – 2XLP – 1980-81 – Minimal Wave (2009)

Arthur James DentonLost in the Dance – 12″ – Lost in the Dance EP – Endless Flight (2011)

SvengalisghostMars Out Of Range – 12″ – Mind Control – L.I.E.S (2012)



10/28/2011 Playlist

VHS HeadJager – 12″ – Midnight Section – Skam (2011)

Cliff Martinez Rubber Head – CD – Drive OST – Record Makers (2011)

Martyn Viper (London’s Arches Edit) – 12″ – Masks – Brainfeeder (2011)

VakulaSaturday (Legowelt Remix) – 12″ – Saturday Remix5 – 3rd Strike Records (2011)

Borden, Ferraro, Godin, Halo, LopatinInternet Gospel Pt. 2 – LP – Frkwys Vol. 07 – Rvng Intl. (2011)

Jim O’RourkeAll That’s Cold Is New Again Part 4 – 2XLP – Old News #6 – Editions Mego (2011)

MadhyaLa Grande Porte Rouge Et Or – LP – Méditations Sur Le Seuil – Le Kiosque d’Orphée/Ordre de la Rose-Croix  (1987)

LFOAdvance – 2XLP – Advance – Warp (1996)

LFO will be performing tomorrow, October 29t in Paris, at La Vilette, 20 years after his mythical performance at La Défense.

Sun ArawImpluvium – 2XLP – Anciant Romans – Sun Ark Records (2011)

Nurse With Wound / AranosMonsterkamer – 2XLP – Acts Of Senseless Beauty – Tourette (2011)

Oni Ayhun –  Oni Ayhun Meets Shangaan Electro – 12″ – Split with Anthony Shake Shakir – Honest Jon’s Records (2011)

08/19/2011 Playlist

Ash Ra Tempel / Manuel GöttschingSunrain – LP – New Age Of Earth – Isadora (1976)
Night AnglesAerodynamour – 12″ – Aerodynamour – Force Majeure (2011)
D’Marc Cantu10x As Strong – 12″ – V/A: The Definition Of Jak The Definition Of Hope – Lux Rec (2011)
Bruce GilbertNet In The Feather – CD – The Shivering Man – Editions Mego (2011)
Tiyiselani VomasevePapa Vata Vuya Rini – 12″ – S/T – Honest Jon’s Records (2011)
Nuove Proposte SonoreInsiemi – LP – Nuove Proposte Sonore 1965-1972 – Die Schachtel (2011)
Art Department Feat. Soul Clap & OsunladeWe Call Love (DJ Harvey Remix) – 12″ – We Call Love – Crosstown Rebels (2011)
Neville WatsonOne Four Green – 12″ – Split with Apiento – World Unknown (2011)
Pursuit GroovesClueless – 12″ – Frantically Hopeful Sampler – Tectonic (2011)
GustaphA Chicken Lips Malfunction! – 12″ – Same Thing – Regalia Recordings (2011)
R/S (AKA Marcus Schmickler & Peter Rehberg) – Chicago I – LP – USA – Pan (2011)
ChristopheThe Force (Julio Bashmore Remix) – 12″ – The Force EP – Futureboogie Recordings (2011)
Sir StephenMove That Body – 12″ – By Design E.P. – 100% Silk (2011)
LA Vampires featuring Matrix MetalsSo Unreal – LP – So Unreal – Not Not Fun Records (2011)