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Track of the day #49 – File under acid #4

People familiar with my sets will probably recognize this. When I first discovered this some years ago, I couldn’t believe this wasn’t considered a classic, but I made my peace, played the shit out of it, and it now seems to have gained some new attention in this past year. Mark Imperial is a special case, a business man with a strong musical vision, at least for acid house : he got the basic structure pretty fluently, but what sets him apart from other acid knoblers is he indeed got a more musical sensibility with that then most. Probably more famous for his Laurent X‘s Machines and his 1985 hit “J’Adore Danser“, the cherry over the cake is this incredibly poetic track, a “She Ain’t Nuthin But A Hoe” that subtly makes the acid line run and turn every corner possible in the book, a thing of beauty with an infectious groove that possibly sounds even more relevant now than it did some 25 years ago!


Bertrand Delanowave