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Anthony Ausgang in my record collection

The prominent artist of the Low Brow school, Ausgang came to my attention in the mid-90ies thanks to my unofficial musical guru Pete Kember. After the Spacemen 3 disbanded, the former art student went on an even further psychedelic journey with his new ventures Spectrum and Experimental Audio Research (E.A.R.). Re-introducing our minds to the likes of Delia Derbyshire or La Monte Young a good decade before The Wire magazine decided these musicians were noteworthy, Sonic Boom (Kember’s alias) hid his references behind a truckload of cryptic imagery, the most striking being the odd Anthony Ausgang cover art perplexing the candid music enthusiast furthermore. Throughout the years, I began to understand Sonic Boom’s antics in a deeper way, and along the way Ausgang’s as well.

Sure most people now know him for his MGMT cover art for the Congratulation LP (produced by Sonic Boom!), and he’s now well accepted by the fine art people, but every now and then, some new music manages to get into my hands (and ears!) thanks to some delicious Ausgang art.

Here’s a sample of those records that have proven mystically beautiful, for the most part

E.A.R. :

Füxa :
Boredoms :
Apollo 440 :
Bertrand Delanowave

30/12/2011 Playlist

One more year, and we more or less managed to keep them shows coming, and tyhis website almost up to date, with detailed playlists. Please continue to show us your support as it is the best fuel there is ! Cheers and have wonderfull New Year’s Eve!

Bertrand Delanowave & Helpimacop

Spectrum It’s Alright – 12″ – Indian Summer – Silvertone (1993)

Gerd Palm Leaves (Mr Fingers Afropsycojungledub Mix) – 12″ – Remixes – Royal Oak (2011)

NicuriRGNAarious – 12″ – V/A Exchange Place : Rhythm Piranhas – Strength Music Recordings (2010)

Ellen FullmanWoven Processional – LP – The Long String Instrument – Apollo Records (1985)

Unknown (Les Peuls)Ewli Jambe – LP – V/A Le Mali Du Fleuve – Musicaphon (197?)

PhoeneciaTwo Part Invention For Bodhran & Computer – 12″ – Good Men Bones – Schematic (2011)

Leo Anibaldi – Fusion 1 – 2X12″ – Aeon – ACV (1994)

Harley GaberThe Winds Rise In The North – LP – The Winds Rise In The North – Titanic (1976)

T La RockBack To Burn (Annihilate) (Long Version) – 12″ – Back To Burn (Annihilate) – Fresh Records (1986)

The Main StemMissing Casket – 2XLP – Electric Church – Lipservice (2011)

I:Cube – Lucifer En Discothèque – 12″ – Lucifer En Discothèque EP – Versatile (2011)