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And here comes Space Music 2…

The underneath mentioned Nurse With Wound CDR limited to 40 copies that already goes on ebay for as much as 400$s less than ten days after its “release”, wave file megaupload hidden link 😉 It might be unavailable at times, but be persistant, it’s there.

You’re welcome,
Bertrand Delanowave

Say thank you and keep it on the low…

Last week NWW performed in London at Koko in Camden.
As he somtimes does, Steven Stapleton had a booth were some merchandise was for sale, including two ridiculously super ltd CDRs. One was a new mix of his recent Space Music album, ltd to 40 copies, the other one was Orgasm, ltd to 20 copies!

This 22 minute long track is some of the noisiest mayhem Nurse has indulged in of late. And yes it’s bloody glorious when all hell break loose after roughly 14 minutes, and unless you strongly desire to end up in jail, I would as strongly recommended to neither listen to this high nor drunk.
So to help you out, the curious one or the fan, there it is in equally glorious wave file quality download, until it lasts 😉 Shhhhhh…

Bertrand Delanowave

Nurse With Wound for rich people… or madly addicted people!


Previously available only as an extremely limited edition CD alongside Current 93’s “Music From The Horse Hospital”, “Salt” was created as a continuous backdrop to Steven Stapleton and David Tibet’s art exhibition and installation at the Horse Hospital gallery, Russell Square, London 2002. The CD was sold at the event. The piece was subsequently reworked by Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter for the album “Salt Marie Celeste”.

Salt Mery Celeste is by far my favorite NWW release from the past 10 years. I had the most psychedlic experiences to it, shared with friends. We even found a way to listen to it underwater in a lake to fabulous results and great induced consecutive paranoia. A great experiment in minimalism and toolerance : very little happens between the loops and the drones, but when it does, it’s suddenly so massivly unexpected that it takes epic proportions!
It is coming out in a coupla weeks on our favorite format, vinyl.

500 copies of the LP “Salt”, which will be pressed on virgin vinyl and include a full colour insert with pictures from the 2002 event.

100 copies only, as “The Vernacular Surface”. This will consist of the LP “Salt” and an extra 12″ vinyl art object, which has been individually hand created using mixed media, signed and numbered by Steven Stapleton on one side (each one is unique and original) and is “playable” on the other. The recording on the playable side is unavailable elsewhere and only 100 copies have been made before the metalwork was removed from the pressing plant.

Both pieces are then housed in a screen printed thick frosted plastic outer sleeve. All 100 copies have been professionally photographed in Ireland and will form part of a book that will be published by Dirter next year.

It’s a massive collectors item with a massive price of 175£. But… It is NWW, the only band I sadly consider myself a fan of. And it is a great piece with an added audio surprise and art from our friendly guru Steven

If you’re as mad as I am, send an email to steve@dirter.co.uk stating where in the world you are and a Paypal invoice will be sent to you if copies still are available.

The regular edition of Salt will be on sale from the Greedbag shop in two weeks time for all you sane people.
Pray for me

Bertrand Delanowave

PS : And for the few people reading with no clue as of what Nurse With Wound is, I “give” you this


and that