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Track of the day #41

Unrest are a special case. They started out as a punk noise DIY outfit from Arlington, Virginia, back in the mid eighties. the shape of indie collage rock wouldn’t be the same if not for them. The thing is that most of indie college rock is awful, while the band hit the perfect formula with their fifth LP, Imperial F.F.R.R. The next one would also fly very high in the modern pop canon, but that was it, no more after 1993, another clue of how 1993 was the year indie rock took a step back and let loose the horror that is Oasis and all that came along.

Here’s one of the most candid pop tunes of the 90ies in its original glorious beauty and the alternate beat instrumental version that came with a bonus 7″ in the ltd LP edition :

A few more Imperial F.F.R.R. cuts :

There’s a few more beautiful abstract/experimental cuts on this, but I’ll let you discover that by yourself, but if that’s not enough, one last song from their 6th LP, Perfect Teeth :


Bertrand Delanowave