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Track of the Day #51.1

Hmmm… Alright, I guess we still want to jack despite the saturday morningness. Well, I’m sure we’re all gonna jack tonight at the Violence FM show at the Nouveau Casino in Paris, so here’s a few teasers!

Violence FM is one of the most interesting french dance music producer, thriving in analog sounds, Detroit, Chicago and EBM roots, he’s graced a few 12″s on Jamal MossMathematics label, but the true gems of his discography lay on his Premier Sang EP and his upcoming Skylax release (check Confusion, genius!). Enjoy!


And here he takes us on a journey :


Bertrand Delanowave

06/03/2011 Playlist

FuturiskLonely Streets (Prince Language‘s Fantasy Mix) – 12″ – Lonely Streets Remixes – Cititrax/Minimal Wave (2011)
AsterTormenta Del Desierto – 7″ – Various: Nit D’Hivern – Hivern Disc (2011)
EmptysetTangent – 12″ – Demiurge LP Sampler – Subtext (2011)
The Rhythm OdysseyDub Potion – 12″ – Love Potion – Leng (2011)
DJ Ageishi & Ackin’Rain Parade (Mark E Remix) – 12″ – Rain Parade – Internasjonal (2011)
Violence FMMental Fight (Final Mix) – 12″ – To Live & Die EP – Premier Sang (2011)

French wunderkid Violence FM live interview.
EBM, Chicago house, machine music, thierry’s tunes are all that and much more, analogue rhythmness of the best fashion. After a handfull of releases for Hieroglyphics Being‘s Mathematics records, he finally unleashes his debut EP (on the usualy noisier Premier Sang imprint), one of the very few french dance music records that we fully embraced of late. It is available in selected shops/online shops and you can further check him out on his myspace, for real 😉

Violence FMFear No More (Toumba Toumba) – CDR – Unreleased (2011)
Violence FMMesse 2011 – CDR – Unreleased (2011)
Violence FMTake It One – 12″ – To Live & Die EP – Premier Sang (2011)

French wunderkid Violence FM live interview continues…

Miracles ClubLight Of Love (Cutcopy Re-Vision) – 12″ – Light Of Love / So Hot – Cutters (2011)