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Track of the Day #30

This year has seen us grooving to the likes of Majeure, Umberto, Xander Harris and a couple of likeminded artists. French Zombie Zombie even released an album of John Carpenter covers! I just wanted to remind the few who didn’t know that Alan Howarth played a major role in this whole horror movie synth music by being the true musician at Big John’s side. I know it’s Christmas time and we should be cheerfull, but a recent finnish movie reminded me there could be a huge dark side the this time of the year, so let’s celebrate this with the ultimate slasher music, and one of the most creepy if a little non-sensical movie of the 80ies


Bertrand Delanowave

05/20/2011 Playlist

Again, atrocious problems in this show as one turntable “died” at the very beginning ! Most of the show was therefore done using one single turntable with no pre-check!

GrimesDreamfortress – 2XLP – Halfaxa – Lo Recordings, Arbutus Records (2011)
BoxcutterLittle Smoke remix feat. Kab Driver – LP – The Dissolve – Planet Mu (2011)
Donato DozzyIn Bed (Tin Man Remix) – 12″ – Acid Test 03 – Absurd Recordings (2011)
GilletteI – 12″ – S/T – 100% Silk (2011)
HypnoWar Demons – 12″ – Over The Top – Pattern (2010)
XDBBakfom – 12″ – S/T – Harbour City Sorrow (2011)
Xander Harris I Want More Than Just Blood (High Heels Mix) – 12″ – S/T – 100% Silk (2011)
HNO3Doughnut Dollies – 12″ – Doughnut Dollies – R & S Records (1988)

Xander Harris, 2011 breakout talent contender!

I wrote a review for the french Trax magazine May issue of the Xander Harris debut album, one of the most surprising and joyous release to come out of recent. I usually don’t care about albums. I think the format is deeply outdated, especially in pop/dance music. The few recent exceptions have been Traxx’s Faith, Actress’s Splazsh and Umberto’s Prophecy Of The Black Widow.
Not unlike Umberto, Xander (or whatever his real name is since Xander Harris is a Buffy Vampire Slayer character) dwells in the most figurative aspect music can be, bringing a very visual aspect to his compositions. From his titles to the sounds and the melodies, everything is there to reference the 80ies american slasher movies and John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness or The Thing. People have done it before, sure, but strangely enough, he manages to make it pass as dance music too.

Tracks such as Tanned Skin Dress or the epic End Credits made my day, but as I listened to the vinyl, I actually realized how good the whole album is, even the more abstarct or cheesy “songs”.

And now, not even a montha fter the album arrives a new single on 100% silk, the Not Not Fun sublabel responsible for the great Ital and Maria Minerva Eps amongst other things.

It is even more fun and danceable and should move quick, so don’t sleep on it!
And for you hardcore fans, exclusive K7 goodness!
Bertrand Delanowave

04/22/2011 Playlist

The Black AngelsAt Night – 10″ – Phosgene Nightmare – Blue Horizon (2011)
Hans ReichelBonobo Beach – LP – Bonobo Beach: Some More Guitar Solos – FMP (1981)
Shifted PhasesScattering Pulsars – 2XLP – The Cosmic Memoirs Of The Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope – Tresor (2002)
Henri ChopinLes Souffles – LP – La Plaine Des Respirs – Tochnit Aleph (2007)
Andrew ChalkSpirit on the Staircase/Violin by Night – LP – Violin by Night – Faraway Press (2011)
Xander HarrisTanned Skin Dress – LP – Urban Gothic – Not Not Fun Records (2011)
SBTRKTLiving Like I Do – 12″ – Living Like I Do – Young Turks (2011) Jon HassellBalia – LP – Earthquake Island – Tomato (1978)

A little chat with Jade from the Tralala Collective (Collectif Tralala), a young parisien crew organising a cool little event (ZS (The Social Registry, US) + Noyade (FR) + Agnes Mercedes (SWE)) on the 04/26, at Point B, a parisian venue.

Agnes MercedesKiinocco – CDR – Melodic Fairytales (2011)
ZSAcres Of Skin – 2XLP – New Slaves – The Social Registry (2010)

04/15/2011 Playlist

Ricardo MirandaDelayed Reactions – 12″ – Thank You Chicago EP – Reincarnation (2011)
Fred BrownHouse Whop (Re-Mix) – 12″ – House Whop – Rockin’ House (1987)
Xander HarrisEnd Credits – LP – Urban Gothic – Not Not Fun Records (2011)
The Focus GroupOpen The Gate/Activity And Scales – LP – Sketches And Spells – Ghost Box (2010)
Vittorio Gelmetti
Ipotesi A – LP – Organum Quadruplum – Premier (1974)
Lykke LiI Follow Rivers – 7″ – I Follow Rivers – LL Recordings (2011)
Jean-Louis BucchiPiedeplon – LP – Sunflower – Trema (1978)
Belbury PolyInsect Prospectus – LP – The Willows – Ghost Box (2011)
Steve PoindexterJam The Body (1992 Original) – 12″ – The State Of Shock EP – Muzique Records (2010)
Hanno Leichtmann
Sitarfäden Revisited – LP – The African Twintower Suite – Dekorder (2011)
FeedbackGoleador – 12″ – V/A Dust Is Dancing – Minimum Syndicat (2011)
MZKBXOut – 12″ – Going Back To Chicago – Karat (2011)